Jobs on Campus???

<p>So I applied at a lot of places on Campus and they all have a spot for me and want me to come in for an interview. I was wondering if you guys can help me pick the best place to work from these.
I'm going to be in Mcdonel hall btw</p>

<p>West circle dining services
Gallery in Snyder-Phillips
facilities for Shaw Hall
Sparty's culinary services</p>

<p>Don't work for Snyder-phillips if you can help it! SOOOO busy. The people are cool but as the busiest cafeteria on campus you have your work cut out for you (eve with brody's new caf it is still going to be crazy busy as it is the caf closest to most classes). West circle is a lot more chill. I'd go with Sparty's or facilities. Definitely the most laid-back. Facilities - my friends work for facilities in south complex, and on their 4 hour shift (6-10) they work maybe 50 minutes and then hang out/sleep/drink the rest of the time and check out, getting paid for 4 hours of work. Biggest blow-off job ever</p>

<p>^ Actually, I think the Gallery will be fine this year with Brody's new caf. It's only busy because last year it was the best caf on campus :p</p>

<p>I recommend looking into paid undergrad research positions. I took one up in my first year and had a great time. Check out for a list.</p>

<p>^^^I second that, I found a research job on as well freshman year.</p>

<p>Shaw hall is in the south complex right?</p>

<p>^nope. Shaw hall is considered to be in the red cedar complex (right in the center of campus). The dorms in south complex are wonders, wilson, case and holden. But in terms of facilities in shaw, the job is pretty easy campus-wide</p>