<p>I really need a job for the spring semester. I've been looking through the job postings and contacting people for a while, but I haven't had any luck. Does anyone know of any job openings that I could look into/have any advice for me? (Right now I'm wondering if any of the service centers would be hiring for spring.) Any leads would be appreciated...</p>

<p>haha i kinda need one too but if you are really desperate try RPCC? thats where im working and it seemed like they constantly hired new people.. i want a better job but i always procrastinate too much =D. also my friend who worked at appel service center said they are overstaffed and therefore cutdown everyone's hours so i doubt there'll be openings next semester. you can try though! i know i'll try anyway lol</p>

<p>How do you become a student tutor?</p>

<p>look into the ticket office, mail room, browsing library, and help desk at Willard Strait. You have to have work study, and the pay isn't that high, but the hours are decent and flexible based on your schedule. There are other places in Willard Strait you can work too. I would suggest going into the building into the ticket area and asking someone there if they have a job application. I worked there all of sophomore year and found it enjoyable. Plus, you can do your homework while on the job which was great.</p>

<p>libe cafe in olin. all the milk you can drink!</p>

<p>Is it hard for Hotelies to get jobs at the Statler? Do you have to apply at the beginning of the school year, or can jobs there be found after a student gets settled?</p>

<p>the big red phonathon (cornell thank-a-thon) or whatever its called is always looking for new employees.</p>

<p>No, its not hard to get a job at the Statler, but signing up at the beginning would probably be a good idea, since there are some positions that you might prefer over others (Choices: housekeeping, front desk, bell service, banquets, banfis, and a few others). I even heard they give priority to Hotelies, but don't quote me on that. </p>

<p>However, I know for sure that they only give the upper-level jobs to Hotelies (SLDP program).</p>

<p>what's a work study?</p>

<p>If you qualify for work-study, the government offers to pay for part of your paycheck, making you more marketable to employers. It's part of the fin aid package. </p>

<p>Tutoring: Cornell</a> Engineering : Peer Tutoring
That's for engineering, idk about other stuff.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for your responses. Big Red Phonathon seems sort of interesting, anyone have any experience with that? I'm also definitely trying one of the service centers, if they aren't overstaffed, and also the few places mentioned in WS. Keep them coming.</p>

<p>i did it as a philanthropy thing and it was kind of fun for a little while but i cant picture myself calling alumni and begging them to donate to cornell more than once a year. they try and keep you motivating by giving incentives like "next person to get a committment over $100 wins a $5 cornell store gift certificate" and stuff like that.</p>

<p>Cornell fitness centers hire students and the hours are flexible.</p>

<p>yeah but you have to get CPR and first aid certified</p>

<p>wait so the jobs that require a FWS are basically only open to students receiving financial aid?</p>

<p>CPR + first aid certification=attending a 5-hour seminar. Not a big deal.</p>

<p>CMB720: Yea, you can only receive federal work study if you receive financial aid. Not all financial aid candidates receive work study, and the amount can vary. However, there are still a lot of jobs that do not require it.</p>

<p>I had a lot of trouble finding a job on campus because I don't have work study, but it's definitely possible. I'd show up, get the job, and when they found out I didn't have work study, they told me they couldn't hire me. The only reason I got my current job is because the library already had a couple of work study kids working there already. Make sure you ask about this before you waste your time and go talk to someone about a job. I applied for a bunch of jobs using this website: <a href=""&gt;;/a> and the people were good about responding.</p>

<p>Yea I saw that too, it was pretty helpful.</p>

<p>I had trouble finding a job because I was premed and no one likes premeds.</p>

<p>Yeah, I've been using that site too : P I guess I'm going to check out:</p>

service centers
Willard Straight</p>

<p>If things become really bad maybe I could take the bus to work at Target? lol</p>