<p>So I'm really interested in getting an on campus job for the fall. How would I go about doing this. Is there a website where available on campus jobs for next year would be available, or is it too soon to start applying. Anyone who currently goes to UCD and has an on campus job, how did you get yours and was it very difficult to get hired?(I don't have much job experience). Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Visit and take a look to see if any jobs tickle your fancy. You'll have to register first, and possibly submit a resume before you can apply to any jobs.</p>

<p>Getting a job, from my experience, was pretty easy. I am very tech-savvy, so I found a job that dealt with computer troubleshooting for residents in student housing. After filling out a questionnaire and going through an interview, I was hired. It really depends on what job you are seeking. Typically the jobs that require less prior experience tend to be more competitive (working at the bookstore, fast food, dining commons, etc). Also, if you are applying at this time, be prepared to have to make a trip up to Davis for possible interviews. If you can't do that this summer, you might want to wait until Fall quarter starts.</p>