John Hopkins Engineering Innovation Summer Program

<p>Hey I'm thinking about applying to the JHU Enginnering Innovation Summer Program and I want to know if it's worth the $50 non refundable application fee :D . Does anyone know about it, how prestigious and competitive it is, how good it looks on your college app? :D haha yeah so can anyone tell me about it? </p>

<p>and in case anyone knows, can anyone tell me about the UPenn Summer Biomedical Research Academy? I got accepted into it and noone seems to know anything about it... apparently 300- 350 students apply and 75- 100 get accepted.. Is that competitive?</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>buuuuuuump!!! I would also like to know!</p>


how prestigious is this program? I just got accepted but i’m not sure if I should attend…</p>

Late post but I took it last year as a sophomore. Very rigorous but I learned a lot when it comes to problem solving skills. HIGHLY recommend it! You might even earn a credit for John Hopkins Freshmen engineering course.

hey, I just found this thread today and I am going to Engineering Innovation in a week, so how rigorous is it? I am totally freaking out because I heard that there are tons of quizzes and a final exam.

My son did this last year. There is a quiz every week along with a final. But you have to remember that you can get Hopkins credit for the class so it can’t be super easy

Thanks a lot. That makes sense! I expect it to be rigorous but reasonable. I have a math teacher this year who tried to teach us calculus in “college style”, I guess, but everyone ended up barely passing because his quizzes were just so much harder than the materials he taught in class. So it is safe for me to say that the class is within reach as long as I work hard?

I would say yes