John Hopkins - Social Scene/Greek Life/Athletes

Hi, I have heard a lot of mixed things about social life at JHU and I was if anyone has any insight on being an athlete, greek life, and parties in general, I really want to have a college experience along with academic rigor.

I’m thinking about rushing at hopkins, and i’ve already heard the different stereotypes, or at least I think I have: Theta - go out all the time, phi mu - go out but not as much as theta, alpha phi - go out but not as much as theta/phi mu, kappa - doesnt go out.

I just wanted to get some students honest opinion of what each sorority is really like…and how they are known on campus.

Also, if anyone knows about how athletes are in sororities or on campus in general? What is the culture? I know lacrosse is pretty big at the school, are students supportive and school-spirited about the sports at school?

Lacrosse is not the same as other sports at JHU. Hopkins plays ‘up’ in lacrosse so the teams are D1, have scholarships, recruit under D1 rules.

Sororities change every year at every school. One year it might have a lot of engineers, another year a lot of music majors. Keep and open mind and you’ll find the group you want to hang with.