Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

<p>Suggestions, comments on the program? I'm about to apply (for the online program).</p>

<p>distance education?</p>

<p>Sure. (10 char)</p>

<p>My daughter tried it and it didn't work out. Once summer came she lost her motivation and it became obvious she wasn't going to finish on time. I didn't feel like spending even more money so we let it go. It requires a good amount of self-discipline. The course work itself was fine, but she found the online format boring beyond belief. She didn't use the tutoring service, perhaps that would have made a difference. If you just want to do the course work, there's really no need to pay CTY, you can order the courses from Thinkwell and save your money.</p>

<p>Are you thinking of writing, science or math courses? They all vary in format. My daughter has done writing and math courses through CTY-- and in general, preferred the writing. There was much more "higher quality" interaction with the writing instructor as compared to the math instructor. Math was not as good- the whiteboard interaction was difficult to follow at times.</p>

<p>I'm planning on doing the writing courses. I'm sending in some sample work to see if they'll wave the prerequisites to the creative writing course.</p>

<p>Writing is very good and she really enjoyed it. Interesting topics at a very high level. The tutor provided a great deal of suggestions to help her improve her writing- particularly editing and word choice. Very worthwhile courses.</p>

<p>I never knew they had an online program. I did the camp version back in the summers after 7th and 8th grade for Algebra I and II respectively at Skidmore College. They were probably the best summers I ever had...but thats just me. I live for ultimate frisbee and thats a staple of CTY life.</p>

<p>My son took the online Crafting the Essay and felt that it helped him a great deal in Engish class in high school.</p>

<p>^My daughter(currently finishing up her freshman year in HS)also took Crafting the Essay, but at the Carlisle, PA location. She really enjoyed it, and will be taking another CTY course this summer at one of the other locations. And she also mentioned that Crafting the Essay was a big help to her, this past year, in her (honors/advanced level) English class.</p>

<p>i took math and the cosmos
very good experience..</p>

<p>I went five years ago. It was fun, didn't really learn much. Except we really read into Alice and Wonderland, and the people were really nice. Some seemed a bit racist but were nonetheless nice.</p>

<p>My daughter finished with Crafting the Essay (online) in January, and she is currently taking Academic Writing II through Duke TIP. I am extremely impressed with the quality of her current class (CTY class was also good, but basically the focus was just on personal essays). With the Academic Writing class she gets to interact with the teacher several times a week, including live chat sessions. The class covers research papers, short stories, a play, a novel, and poetry. There is also practice doing timed essays. So, if you are looking for more classes after taking Crafting the Essay, I would recommend this one.</p>

<p>My son did the online Honors Geometry class last summer in order to place out of that subject in boarding school. Material and tutors were great. He got a mid 90's on the boarding school placement test, so I think CTY did a great job on this topic.</p>