Johns Hopkins Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion

The question is why are they waiting? Why string us along if they know they won’t use it all all?? It makes no sense.

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Honestly Idk what to think about that comment. I’ve been stalking this forum for a while. And I feel if they knew they were full they would have told us already in late May like what Harvard, and Yale did closing their waitlist. But at the same time I’m thinking (more like hoping) they were all this time to gather how many student they need and who they are selecting off the waitlist.

Its possible they are waiting to get a better handle on whether they will need to de-densify housing or classrooms due to Covid restrictions.

thank you so much for sending the email i don’t even know what to make of it hopkins is being very confusing. on one hand if they are planning to close the waitlist it seems like they won’t pull from it but they’re planning to close it in a month- why wait a month if it’s delaying the transfer waitlist? they could have closed the waitlist a long time ago if they weren’t planning on using it- so it seems like maybe they are planning on using it? I’m not sure though I never got a reply to my email I might follow up.

The fact that they didn’t respond to your email is ridiculous. It’s not a stretch to say that they owe us some kind of information at this stage. I emailed them too, but not too hopeful for a response…

Have your regional AO’s been responding to your emails/questions? Mine has…

Well I just emailed them yesterday, so we’ll see. I did initially get a response when I sent a LOCI back in April tho.

my AO has been extremely responsive to my various updates that I have sent.

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yeah it’s so weird at this point they really should have officially said something about it or sent an update i never got a response to my email and i probably won’t so i might try emailing someone else

maybe try the general admissions email [ +]

NP! DW This year is tough for all of us. I’m satisfied and probably gonna go to my other choice. Love both schools but can’t wait :blush:

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yeah that’s who i emailed! i might try my admissions councilor as well not sure yet

me too! i really like my other choice as well and im excited to go so good luck at your other option as well!!

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Does anyone know if they’re accepting phone calls currently? I might try calling tomorrow.

There is a phone call request form on their contact us undergraduate admissions page

Are you kidding? A form??! I actually don’t think I’ll call, seeing as it won’t be anonymous I feel too insecure ahaha

At least, I’ll give it more time before I do.

I think they won’t mind but try email first :slight_smile:

I never got a response when I emailed my regional officer :frowning: :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok then for sure email the general email and call

I believe they are taking people off the waitlist, but not many because I was on discord for waitlisted students and this person said they got off the waitlist after turning in a good LOCI,

It said this ( copy and pasted) they responded 06/04/2021
“Long story short, I actually put some effort into my apps at the end (with the help of info from ScholarGrade on why my app sucked), got a full ride at my state uni (it’s a named scholarship), and got off the waitlist at JHU after submitting a banger LOCI”