Johns Hopkins Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion

This is a forum for the waitlisted students.
We got this!!!


Love the enthusiasm! We got this!!
Good luck everyone!!


Some helpful tips.


If you completed your financial aid application by the deadline and are admitted off of the waitlist, you will receive financial aid information with your admissions decision.

can we include any senior year updates along with our loci?

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do we upload it to our portal or email?

JHU says that in the updated resume “Let us know what you’ve gotten involved with during your senior year. This should include updated information, not in your original application.”

I would include something about the senior year that can help the admissions committee when reading the LOCI such as an award that helps or anything else, but too much because the LOCI overall needs to “states why you continue to be interested in Hopkins and why you feel it is the right school for you.”

Also, this website helps a lot with LOCI for the waitlist and deferral students: How to Write a Great Letter of Continued Interest: Guide + Example

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In their letter, JHU said “We also encourage you to contact your regional counselor who can update your file with new information about activities and achievements that might be helpful to the admissions committee.”

They also said “Instead, we ask that you email with any information or updates which will be added to your application file. If you have a specific question, you may email your regional counselor.”

I would email the regional counselor my LOCI and upload it to the portal if allowed.
Most colleges allow both.

They also said
"Send application materials to:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St., Mason Hall
Baltimore, MD 21218-2683

or fax to (410) 516-6025

or email to (current applicants only)"

I don’t know if that’s for waitlist students too

thank you for that info!

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Just wanted to bump this topic. Does anyone know what the official acceptance rate off the waitlist last year was? I’ve heard different answers, some saying only one or two last year and some saying around 9%. I know there was more than one person accepted off the waitlist, so is 9% a good estimate? I know last year was likely an exception due to low yield rates though.

My daughter just gave up her acceptance into Johns Hopkins! I hope someone from CC gets a call! Go Blue Jays!


Has anyone heard anything? Emails, or even if they are gonna take people off the waitlist?

i emailed my regional AO yesterday about the waitlist update and got an automated email from her titled “suspected spam”. it does say that she will respond as soon as she returns to office. should i be concerned about this?

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If you don’t mind me asking, where is your geographical location? I have been in contact with my AO, and we are messaging (mailing) back and forth. It might depend on the AO themselves, or the location tbh. Wouldn’t stress ab it.

wait what what the waitlist update? Do you mind linking/pasting it here? thanks :slight_smile:

OH that is awesome! Do you mind sharing what geographic location you are from?

I think wizone is referring to an update on plans with the waitlist. In the letter, Hopkins said that they won’t be checking back to it until after May 1st though! I am from New Jersey!

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Oh thank you so much! Best of luck to you and everyone here, hopefully we can all keep each other updated. Rooting for all of us :))

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thank you! i got a reply yesterday!! im from Colorado:) what do you and your AO talk about?