Johns Hopkins Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion

great to hear! lol, its just simple things. like expressing my interest in jhu, continuous updates, etc. nothing too major. covid still restricting a lot of things in my school lol

when do you all think we’ll hear back? I think maybe this week they will start to release the first round of waitlist decisions but idrk

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I’m not sure, anyone brave enough to reach out and ask haha?

was anyone notified that they were at the top placement of the waitlist back in March?

No, I didn’t get anything like that. Do you mind sharing what it is?

it says “Congratulations! You have been designated as a top placement on our waitlist. The admissions committee has recognized your hard work and talents and would like to offer you a spot in the class of 2025. Our capacity to admit wait-listed students varies from year to year, and we cannot determine how many spaces we can offer until mid-May. However, it is very likely that spaces will become available. When a spot in our class officially becomes available, we will review your application and admit you to the class.”

I’m curious how many other people got this same message

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Omg that’s amazing! Congrats, I did not get that but I really hope you get in. Is Hopkins your first choice or do you think you’re going to stick to the place you have right now? Also thanks for sharing this info, I had no idea.

im not sure. Ive met some amazing people and a great roommate, it would be a real shame to leave them all behind

I feel that, I’m kinda in the same boat. Do you wanna DM on here and talk some more?

Interesting I thought that they didn’t rank the waitlist…

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yeah this is what my waitlist letter said: The wait list is not ranked; if spaces do become available, the admissions committee will review the applications of students who show a continued interest in Johns Hopkins.


that’s weird, but reassuring that most people aren’t put on the top placement

I emailed my regional counselor with some questions about the waitlist, this was her response. I hope you guys find this helpful.

“Before the start of the fall term, all waitlist candidates will be notified of their decision – the timing differs depending upon when/if we will admit from the waitlist. These decisions will be released via the portal, and students will be sent an email informing them that their status has been updated.

Be sure to continue to monitor your emails from our office for updates."

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This is what I got as well

does anyone know when the first wave is expected? i read somewhere that its 5/5

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this is such a tease. you see congratulations and think you got in and then proceed to find out youre waitlisted.

I’m not sure! Where did you read 5/5?

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oops sorry i read a 2021 thread thinking it was this year (it was class of 2021)… decisions were released may 5

they were actually released may 4th last year! it might have been over the span of a couple days I’m not sure but I didn’t hear anything today so maybe the first wave will be sometime this week?

Yeah I’d be surprised if we don’t hear ANYTHING by Friday.