Johns Hopkins Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion

is hopkins’ commitment day 5/1 or 5/3 this year?

based on mimilovesyou comment about the counselor response, it looks like decisions for waitlist won’t be a matter of it but when.



i emailed the admissions office (with an alias of course, so i don’t look desperate) asking when approx decisions would start coming out. i sent it in the morning and didn’t get a reply. will share if they get back.


so they got back and said that i should bookmark the waitlist faq page because they will post waitlist updates there throughout may and june

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oh ok that’s good then! im kind of surprised we haven’t heard anything they haven’t even sent out anything to see if we’re still interested?

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do you guys think they’ve released the first wave yet?

i don’t think so. in the waitlist letter, it did say mid-may!

But they’ve gotten back earlier than this in like all the years past haven’t they?

true. but it may be an issue throughout all the colleges tbh. as in admitted students havent submitted an enrollment deposit, or their deposits are arriving late through mail. OR committed students are getting off their waitlists and leaving JHU. it really depends, but i dont think theyve sent the first wave

Yeah I know for sure they haven’t released anything I’m just confused if this bodes well for us or not…

And also how are they still allowed to submit deposits?? The deadline was like a week ago.

tbh, i’d say be hopeful, but don’t expect anything yk. from what i’m seeing, many are declining hopkins’s offer of admission or waitlist spot due to the fact that they’re choosing ivy league, or other top tier schools. we got this !!!


yeah! my college counsellor said the same thing that they were expecting to see some movement on the waitlist so i guess we’ll see! good luck guys!!


Specifically for hopkins or another school? that is so cool!!

ya also from what i’ve heard the reason its late is bc not all students have their financial aid packages finalized. so until the schools do this, students can hold on to their seat without committing past the deadline. im not sure if this is the case at hopkins but i do know that a lot more ppl are needing aid than before bc of covid and layoffs so we’ll see


we were talking about hopkins but she said it in general like most colleges were expecting movement on their waitlist i think we can be hopeful though and stay realistic- what colleges did you guys commit to?

I committed to UMBC because they offered me a spot in their biomedical research program. So honestly I will be happy going there or Hopkins tbh.