Johns Hopkins, Cornell, NYU, Berkeley

<p>Here are my scores:
SAT Math:740 CR: 690 Writing: 650 Total: 2080
ACT: English-27 Math-35 Reading-31 Science-32 Writing-28
COmposite ACT: 31</p>

<p>EC's Chem Tutor, German Club, Baseball (9,10), Academic Team, Marching Band (9,10), some volunteer work, two different jobs over 2 years for 10-20 hrs/week</p>

<p>GPA W: 4.32 UW: 3.9something
Rank 1/700something (public school in ohio ranked excellent by the state)
PSAT: 197 (didn't care at the time)</p>

<p>AP scores and SAT II
APUSH: 4 in 11th
APCHEM: 4 in 11th
AP Phys C mech: 3 in 11th
AP Bio: 3 in 10th
AP Calc BC: 5 in 10th (5 AB subscore too)</p>

<p>Mathh1c: 760
Chem: 740
MathIIc: 700 (retaking)
Physics: (taking)</p>

<p>Course load - hardest schedule possible (and then some) except no AP eng in senior year</p>

<p>I skipped regular biology, algebra II, and regular chemistry and received my only two B's in highschool in AP Bio and AP chem and am letting them know in the APplications.</p>

<p>Classes Im taking this semester (all post-secondary at Miami University, Oxford)
Calculus III (aka mth 252)
Differential Equations (aka mth 347)
Intro To Linear ALgebra (aka mth 222)</p>

<p>I should be able to pull off at least one A and definitely nothing lower than a C. Ill probably end up with either all A's or all A's and B's in the 3 classes.</p>

<p>Oh yeah awards and honors- top junior science student in school (bausch and lomb science award), honor roll, whos who and all that other scam bs they give you in the mail.</p>

<p>Note: I will probably fall from my top spot after the first semester (because PSEO classes are unweighted) but this is after january 22nd so I dont think it matters.</p>

<p>HERE are my schools again BTW
Johns Hopkins
Berkeley (engineering college or the regular science college)</p>

<p>So.... what are my chances? Thanks for taking the time to read this!</p>

<p>Anybody have an idea? Any criticism would be appreciated</p>

<p>Good GPA, [below] average SAT for those schools, good rank, how the heck did you fail MathIIC but get a 5 on Calc B/C...</p>

<p>Cornell - reach
NYU - slight reach
Berkeley - reach (out of state)
Berkeley <a href="mega%20reach,%20OOS,%20low%20SAT">College of Engineering</a>
Johns Hopkins - probably reach</p>

<p>Also, tech schools want kids with high CR and writing scores because the large majority of the applicants have a 5 on Calc BC and ~800s on SAT Math and SAT II Math IIC.</p>

<p>Your standardized scores are killing you.</p>

<p>What do you mean fail Math IIc? I got a 700. But it was probably low because I hadn't had any math in a year and hadn't had pre-calc in like 2 years. But, my major is going to probably be in Physics. So would my scores still be killing me even with those sophomore and Junior level (college) math courses? </p>

<p>btw, I'm not the best test taker (I was recently diagnosed with ADD and haven't had an opportunity to take a test with propper medication) as you probably noticed but surely its good enough to get my foot in the door and have them look into my regular academics? i hope?
Oh yeah and I plan on retaking the SAT</p>

<p>... more of this ADD crap. Most people diagnosed with it are not true ADDers. Are you unable to concentrate ever? I doubt it. Most guys who ask are identified with ADD. I myself was diagnosed with it in 2nd grade, but I think it is ********. Don't make weak excuses. ADD = a tendency to not concentrate on the task at hand. It is something most small children and many males have. </p>

<p>I would say you have ok chances at all schools. JHU, Berkeley, and NYU are matches. Cornell is a bit of a reach.</p>

<p>Please, don't be an arrogant ignoramous. Just because you were diagnosed with ADD and don't think you have it doesn't mean I don't really have it. You do not know me and you don't know any of the circumstances. I was not making an excuse I was just saying that my score could change now that I have some medication. I was left undiagnosed with ADD because I was always able to compensate in school and maintain excellence. The thing is I can concentrate, and sometimes I can hyper-focus but I cannot control it. No matter how badly I may want to pay attention in class my mind may wander. It is not that I can't concentrate its that I concentrate on everything at once. For example: an extremely easy hw assignment may take me a very long time because I am unable to focus on it. It's not the same as lazy because I can tell the difference when I am just being lazy and when I truly can't do what I need to do. Not only that, amphetamines have a paradoxical affect on me in that they make me tired and calm me down.</p>

<p>PLus I have done a lot of research and have read books and was amazed at how the way they described symptoms was exactly how I fealt, a feeling I was unable to describe. Not only that I found that some of the things I do that I thought everyone had problems with was really not common at all and I confirmed this by asking non-add friends if they ever had those feelings. Of course everyone (especially males and small children) has problems concentrating, I just have a much, much higher frequency of occurances than they do.</p>

<p>But, thank you for providing a good response for my chances, I just am (obviously) pretty sensitive with the issue.</p>

<p>Pat Says:</p>

<p>UCB: Reach (out of state, Engineering)</p>

<p>Does that mean the others are matches?? maybe?</p>

<p>hopkins, cal r reaches (out of state), nyu is safety</p>

<p>if nyu is for business, then reach.</p>

<p>Thanks for the chances guys, btw does it matter if a weaker applicant from my school got accepted to johns hopkins (and is going)?
he had lower scores, not as advanced as me in math, lower rank and about the same gpa as me.</p>

<p>he's also chinese if that matters.</p>

<p>NYU : match/slight reach
Berkeley (engineering college or the regular science college) : reach OOS</p>