Johns Hopkins Engineering (Not BME) Acceptance Rate?

<p>Anyone know what the acceptance rate is for Whiting Schooling of Engineering if you aren't applying for BME?</p>

<p>Since applicants are admitted to the University as a whole and not to the Engineering vs Arts&Sciences schools, there's no specific acceptance rate for the Whiting School that's released. The distribution of "preliminary areas of academic interest" is released each cycle for acceptances (69/31, 60/40, 69/31 for this year ED, last year RD and last year ED), but that data is not released (as far as I've seen) for applicants so you can't compare the two. I would venture a guess that the distribution is fairly similar between applicants and acceptances since admissions is major-blind, but I have no data to back that up.</p>

<p>We do not release such statistics, for the reasons tanman explained.</p>