Johns Hopkins Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Applying to JHU in 2022? Decisions are expected to come out by April 1st. Last year, decisions were released on March 19th at 3 pm EST.

This is a space for the class of 2026 to connect with other applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates!


Hi. Does Hopkins do virtual alumni interviews for international students?

Do they interview the regular decision applicants?

Based on the information available online, it seems that Johns Hopkins no longer interviews undergraduate applicants


Why is this thread so dead? Anyone else applying ED II? Only 4 days left yall!


My daughter applied RD! Good luck on ED II!

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I have found that JHU, while a T10, is more of a niche school. Many of the students are PreMed or tend to focus on the sciences. Also no real sports teams. Most students who are T10 qualified want the T10 Ivys or even UCLA or Cal. That has been my Bluejays’ take on it. She is NOT into sports so even though we live in California and could have attended a UC or even applied to Stanford, USC, Harvey Mudd… she fell in LOVE with JHU during her first visit. Plus, it’s a much better fit for her personality. Good luck to everyone

my son applied for ED II

My son applied ED II !!

Any updates on rd decision date?

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Nothing new except that decisions will be this Friday, March 18th at 3pm EST

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Anybody else’s admissions checklist disappear?

Yes, but don’t read too much into it. This could well be only part of the general portal preparation for any type of result.

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Yeah, most likely doesn’t mean anything. Just thought it interesting since it was still there last night.

Does anyone have their withdraw button? I forgot if it even was there in the first place, but I just noticed that I don’t have one.

Yes my whole checklist and withdraw button is gone as well

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So not April 1?

No, it has always said March 18th on the portal since the day my daughter applied. Also, the email she received to set up her portal the day after she applied said the admission decisions would be released on March 18th at 3:00 pm eastern. That was in later October.

Thanks. I haven’t seen any of my daughter’s portals. When a decision comes in she’ll show us the notification letter. I checked the jhu admissions page and it said by April 1. I appreciate the update.

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