Johns Hopkins RD 2025

Hi everyone,
I didn’t see a thread so created this one for RD applicants!


Hey there! I had a pretty stupid question, does JHU give an applicant portal immediately after applying, or is all correspondence through email?

Hi @thatssickbruh. When daughter applied ED I about a day or so after she received an email to access their portal. On there you will have access to 2 Tabs. One for the normal Application checklist and the other for Financial Aid. Once decisions are made it will be updated.

Good luck if you are applying!

I did apply, and I just received my applicant portal too. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Did she apply with SAT score? Mine applied and asked to have SAT considered, but the SAT status is not in his portal. Emailed admission to ask, but it’s been over a week, still no answer yet

No she did not. We are in California and they were cancelled 6 times so that was enough and we were NOT traveling to another state.

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did you apply with SAT? Is the SAT in your portal? Mine applied, but the SAT is not in the portal.