Johns Hopkins, Rice, Northwestern, UCB, UCLA, USC, Wash U St Louis

Female, Asain

Unweighted GPA: 4.00
Weighted GPA: 4.75

Sophomore yr: 2 APs, 3 Honors
Junior yr: 5 APs
Senior yr: 6 APs

SAT: 2300
Sat Subject Test:
Chemistry: 780
Math II: 790
Biology: 720
US History: 750

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) Founder and President
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Vice President, Section Public Relations
Math Honors Society Vice President
Hospital Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity
Camp Cardaic/Camp Neuro at USC Keck School of Medicine
Intro to Biotechnology College Course
and a few others…

Feel free to be honest.

Academics check off, ECs w/ leadership check off. You are extremely well qualified for the JHU/Rice/NW/Cornell tier and could make a push for the next level (dartmouth, duke, brown, penn). Only thing is, if you’re coming from CA, it’s an overrepresented pop. at these schools so not as easy. If you apply early to the lower-ivy tier schools, I think you’d have a decent shot.

I think you have a really good list! if you’re applying for a biology related major the subject score might affect it but still very good SAT I score. Extracurriculars I think are good as long as you explain it well on the app. Essays just need to be done well and I think everything is set. So ranking all of the schools from mostly likely on the top to least likely:

USC(most likely)
UCLA(most likely)
UCB, WASHU, Rice(Good shot at)
JH(decent shot at maybe reach)

But remember all of these are holistic so sometimes it’s kind of random