Johns Hopkins Transfer 2021

starting this thread to discuss applications, questions, decisions, etc.


Hey! I am applying as a transfer for this fall. I’m a rising sophomore who is finishing the year at Washington University in St. Louis. Math major.

What is the reason you want to transfer out?

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If you aren’t premed, then most STEM pursuits are mediocre, including the department of my major. I also don’t really vibe with the environment of the school and the student body, which is definitely a more minor issue, but I want to find a place where I’ll be somewhat happy for the next few years.

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JHU says that transfer admissions depends whether it has space available for majors. Does anyone know if there are years when no applicants are accepted for a major?

I think if there is no seat for a major, they just do not accept applicants.


Any news from admissions?

JHU sent out an email a while back that all decisions would be released on May 14 at 3pm. So I wouldn’t expect anything before that.


Does JHU have an online portal? I haven’t got one yet…

They do. You should have received it within 24 hr of submitting your application.

Does anyone generally know which majors are more competitive than others?

Probably bio

I did not get mine either. Last year I applied as a freshman and only received an email a few days before decisions were out. I wouldn’t stress. They do not have an admissions portal for freshman applicants so I don’t think they have one for transfer.

I do think there’s a portal for transfers tho.
Try this one. I copied from mine.

If you are using gmail or something, check your promotions/social folder. All of my JHU stuff would end up going there for some reason. Also dig through your spam.

JHU used my high school email from my old admissions file when I applied last year so I didn’t get any of their emails. I just was able to log in to my account and my college transcript is missing even though I sent it four months ago. I just resent it but I’m really nervous they won’t be able to review it. I’m super bummed because this is my dream school and I don’t know what to do :frowning:

I emailed the admission team and they told me that they sent emails to my last year’s application email :joy:

They did the same for me too. I have access to my HS email so ig Im pretty lucky haha.

Did the checklist just disappear?

yes mine did