Johns Hopkins Transfer Fall 2018

Hey guys. I wanted to create a forum for transfer applicants to talk about chances and decisions for JHU. Feel free to post your stats!

Hi I am applying for transfer.

I’m applying for transfer from Indiana University

Incoming: Junior
Majors: 1st choice Political Science; 2nd choice Economics
Current GPA: 4.0 unweighted
SAT: 1400/1600

@IndirectProofs & @bdylandylan, sorry for not getting back to y’all sooner.

Incoming: Sophomore from CC
Major: Cell/Molecular Biology or Chemistry
Did not submit SAT or ACT

Hey all! Fellow transfer applicant here! =))

Is there a reason why you have to make a 2nd choice on your major?? You do get to choose your major, I would hope.

Hi All, I applying to JHU as a transfer. Best of luck to everyone! Decisions last year were released on the 8th so, if sticking to the same plan, we may hear within a week or so!

Incoming Sophmmore
4.0 GPA on 30 credits, 15 currently in progress.
Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology, second is Biology
Did not submit ACT/SAT scores
Good chemistry lab professor LOR
A-/B+ student in high school, this may hold me down.
EC: lots of health science material, hands on experience
Essays: pretty good, i hope!

Does anybody know when JHU release decisions?

@ivcstudent I’m guessing as early as this Friday or the beginning of next week? Judging from previous year’s thread

@ivcstudent @AcceptMoiPlz they said that the would follow up about the release date in a subsequent email in the email that had us create our mydecision account. So I think we should get another email beforehand telling us the date and time of decision releases.

@bdylandylan did you call the admission?

@ivcstudent no I didn’t call. In the email they sent out, it said this:

"Johns Hopkins University admissions decisions for transfer applicants will be released in early May 2018. We will follow up with an exact date closer to decision release."

In the 2016 thread, they received an email on the first Friday of May around 11:30 AM telling them they’ll receive their decisions that day at 3 PM. Hopefully, we have the same result!

@mdeca12 was that for every transfer student that applied or are they doing wave like other schools?

@EdyGlez all the decisions are released on the same day, no waves

Hopefully we find out soon enough! Best of luck to everyone.

The email just came in. Decisions will be released 3pm EST Monday, May 7th.

Just got the email to check my decision on Monday at 3:00pm Eastern.

Well that answers that!

Just got an email saying Monday May 7th 3PM eastern!