Johnson LS3

<p>I already used bruinwalk and searched for past posts...but I'm still wondering if any of u guys can give me info about whether I should take it this quarter or wait until winter to possibly take it with Tamanoi or Pires..</p>

<p>I know that all courses are difficult but which professor do you guys recommend...Which one is easier out of the three..what should I expect from Johnson's is the curve..etc.? </p>

<p>any advice is appreciated</p>

<p>I agree.. any input? :)</p>

<p>LS3 with Johnson if you're willing to memorize a lot more details and have MUCH harder exams. My friends that took it winter quarter had it EASY.</p>

<p>who taught it winter quarter then ? Also, who would you recommend if you have to choose between Pires for LS1 and Johnson for LS3 ?</p>

<p>My friends took it with Tamanoi in winter, and it was extremely easy compared to Johnson.</p>

<p>I would take Johnson's LS3 over Pires' LS 1. At least you learn a lot of useful stuff from Johnson. There might be a better option for LS 1 down the road (I've never heard anything good about Pires...)</p>