Johnson Scholarship Finalist Stats

<p>Hello All!
I'm sure that all of us who applied for the Johnson Scholarship are curious about the stats of those who were accepted or rejected, so I'm making a thread where we can share our stats.
Please use the form I've written below. Only share as much as you're comfortable with sharing. Feel free to add anything else you think might help.</p>


<p>SAT I:
GPA: (weighted/unweighted)
AP (score in parenthesis):
IB (score in parenthesis):
Senior Year Course Load:
Major Honors/Awards:
Major Extracurriculars:
Work Experience:
Common App Essay (rate 1 (lowest) - 10(highest)):
Johnson Essay (rate 1 - 10):
Anything else you'd like to add:
Why you think you were accepted or rejected: </p>

<p>Accepted! </p>

<p>SAT I: 2300
GPA (unweighted): 3.97
AP (score in parenthesis): Biology (5), English Language & Composition (5), Calculus AB (5)
IB (score in parenthesis): N/A
Senior Year Course Load: AP Calculus BC, AP European History, AP Physics, Creative Writing, Language, Religious Studies, Advanced Art
Major Honors/Awards: National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist, National Honors Society, Scholastic Writing Award
Major Extracurriculars: horseback riding, editor-in-chief of school literary magazine, model U.N., choir, cross-country
Work Experience: junior staff a riding camp
Volunteering: summer intern at an animal hospital, volunteer at a local science museum
Common App Essay (rate 1 (lowest) - 10(highest)): 8
Johnson Essay (rate 1 - 10): 7
Interview: N/A
Location: midwest United States
Race/ethnicity/religion: white
Gender: female
Anything else you’d like to add: I speak 3 languages (including English) fluently
Why you think you were accepted or rejected: probably just my test scores and extracurriculars</p>

<p>Look forward to meeting other finalists in March!</p>


<p>SAT I:didn’t take. SAT2 720 and 680
ACT: 34, 35 super scored
GPA: (weighted/unweighted). 3.89/ 5.05
AP (score in parenthesis): taken five tests, three fives, two fours. Taking three more in spring
IB (score in parenthesis):
Senior Year Course Load: AP calculus BC, AP euro history, AP English, engineering physics, history of WWW1 & 2, history of Germany and Russia,
MajorHonors/Awards: national merit commended scholar, AP scholar distinction, NHS, Pi Sigma Pi
Major Extracurriculars: director school TV station, JV/ varsity baseball
Work Experience: baseball umpire for four years, 20 hrs a week employee at hardware store
Volunteering: youth baseball coach for travel team , over 100 hours
Common App Essay (rate 1 (lowest) - 10(highest)): 8
Johnson Essay (rate 1 - 10): 10, really good but wrote about rap music/ kid Cudi as an art form. Probably not the best idea for conservative W& L
Interview: with local alumni. Son thought it went well, visited campus, went to local information meeting, showed interest.
Location: Chicago
Race/ethnicity/religion: white
Gender: male
Anything else you’d like to add: only hook is he is deaf in one ear
Why you think you were accepted or rejected: essay, weak SAT 2, not a lot of EC or leadership roles</p>


<p>SAT I: 2120 (didn’t send, but it’s on my transcript)
ACT: 34 (34S+M, 33R, 34E, 35E/essay, 12E)
GPA: (weighted/unweighted) 4.190/ probably 3.96.
AP (score in parenthesis): 33444555
IB (score in parenthesis):
Senior Year Course Load: 3APs (I only have 3 left in school), 2 other classes
Major Honors/Awards: won some state competitions, was a national finalist and award winner in something else, the standard AP stuff, NMSF (and probably finalist in a couple of days)
Major Extracurriculars: debate, band, some lesser stuff. Leadership in every organization that has leadership places.
Work Experience: zilch
Volunteering: nothing significant
Common App Essay (rate 1 (lowest) - 10(highest)): idk maybe 6-7 (this is entirely subjective, it was well-written, but didn’t have enough of “me” in it, and I completely changed it before applying RD to most other places)
Johnson Essay (rate 1 - 10): I can’t bear to give myself over a 6-7. I was writing about my passion and why it’s important, but it was on the topic of reproductive rights and the link of reproductive rights to a better society (and basically why we need abortion and contraceptives), which I’m sure probably wasn’t the best of ideas for conservative W&L. (I was feeling ballsy, and it was my genuine answer to the “what do you value” prompt)
Interview: not offered in my home state (and they don’t do skype or phone interviews)
Location: in the middle of the pacific (HI)
Race/ethnicity/religion: Whasian/Golden Oreo/Twinkie
Gender: XX
Why you think you were accepted or rejected: W&L is not a good fit, that’s for sure. I’m sure my Johnson essay had something to do with it. Also lack of work/volunteering. Honestly, all I can really say is I’m sure the reason I was rejected was NOT my ACT. That’s all I’m sure of.
Anything else you’d like to add: I speak a rare language. I came out as an obvious liberal in my essay. I’m definitely disappointed, but now that I think about it, I’m okay with it. W&L isn’t the type of school that I’d be elated at, even if the campus is beautiful. I know that I won’t end up there this fall, and I’m fine with that because I have a pretty great package lined up at my safety school. (Can you say 61 AP credits and no tuition for 5 years and 3.5k a year plus a couple more goodies? I can get a Master’s degree and end up with money in my pocket for PhD time. Even the Johnson can’t offer me that.) Congrats to all of those accepted, though. You guys must be some pretty special and accomplished kids.</p>

<p>No one in admissions will admit it, but I’m pretty sure the ACT carries less weight than the SAT.</p>