Johnson Scholarship notification date

<p>Does anybody happen to know when the Johnson finalists will be contacted? Will it be via e-mail? Thanks!</p>

<p>I believe it is via mail (not e-mail) and the website says sometime in late January. I also applied. Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks! good luck to you too!</p>

<p>what states are you guys from? i applied too, maybe we’ll see each other there!(:</p>


<p>@shadow522 i’m actually an international student from Romania! Where are you from?</p>

<p>oh, thats really cool! i’m from arizona(:</p>

<p>Anyone heard yet?</p>


<p>Still waiting… (chicago)</p>

<p>Connecticut. Denied. Oh well, I don’t think even with the scholarship I would have gone so better it goes to someone who needs the money and really wants to go to W&L! And my essay sucked so. Good luck guys!</p>

<p>@kickemoff aww, sorry to hear that. good luck with the rest of your applications and notification letters!
@mybestshot have you received your results yet?
i know of a few students invited to compete at the johnson competition from my state.</p>

<p>@shadow522 I’m pretty sure that right now all I can expect is the rejection letter. Anyway, the chances of getting a Johnson as an international student are pretty slim, maybe even nonexistent (I’ve never heard of an international student getting this scholarship). Congrats to all of the finalists and good luck!</p>

<p>@shadow522 appreciate it, but I am lucky enough that I can afford full tuition, and though I have a lot of respect for W&L as a university, I don’t think it’s the place for me after touring. Plus, I’d feel guilty getting a scholarship over someone who’s top choice is W&L and needs the scholarship in order to be able to attend. Good luck to everyone! You all deserve it :slight_smile: </p>

<p>@mybestshot It is pretty rare for international students to get the scholarship, but I believe it has happened before. You might want to arrive early, though, as the organization of the process really disadvantages those who travel longer distances.</p>