Joining a Computational Biology Lab

I am a current undergraduate student, and I would like to take part in research. However, due to the pandemic, I don’t believe that my school is allowing any students to do any in-person work in on-campus research labs. As such, I was looking to potentially search for a remote research position in a computational biology lab. Does anyone know what skills are required for joining a computational biology lab?

The first step in figuring this out would be to look at a couple of computational biology labs, and check out their recent publications. In the publications, look through the “Methods and Material” (or “Methods”) chapter, and that will tell you, more or less, what skills are required

One of the primary skills for an undergraduate would likely be coding, but programming would be even better. Data input would like be a highly sought skill as would any skill related to data analysis. You should likely have a basic knowledge of the particular field of biology in which the lab engages. That could be protein structure and function, genomics, epidemiology, etc.

That’s just the beginning.