Joining CC at age 75


<p>Can you imagine going through the college admissions process with two kids at age 75?</p>

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<p>She hasn't had any children before these twins AND she's going to be a single mom? Good grief! I think it's horrible...</p>

<p>Bite your tongues, ladies. I'm not going to be that far behind, age wise with my little guy who is just 7.</p>

<p>Man, it takes me 15 minutes of stretching just to make it downstairs each morning. Getting multiple kids off to school daily at 7:30 AM is meant for younger bodies than mine.</p>

<p>My mother had her last child quite late and swears that it kept her young. Perhaps so.</p>

<p>Your situation is way different Jamimom-</p>

<p>This woman has NEVER had children before. She has no idea what she's getting herself into. As a mom (or dad), I don't think you have a full grasp on the magnitude of parenting until you're thrown into it, head first. Adults who already have children and decide to have more in later years know what they're doing and are making informed decisions. Also, this woman is going to be a single mom (unless she has a partner who isn't discussed in the article) what happens if she gets sick between the ages of 57-75 (which is likely!)?</p>

<p>She's doing it all for her own fulfillment without thinking of the children she's bringing into the world......I had my last at 41 and that was pushing it bigtime!</p>

<p>My daughter is only 3 and we are around around 40. So it is not end of life. Yes she is love of our life and I would not trade a thing in the world for her.</p>

Di your son attended the Andover as non sibi is there motto. By the way do you have email if I may contact you or do you have your private message turned on. Thanks</p>

<p>'re shopping for a kindergarten and a college ;o.</p>


<p>I am headed to the airport for a business trip and won't be back until Thursday. I will untoggle the private message option if I can figure it out.</p>

<p>(By the way, there is a big difference between having a child at 40 and one at 57. LOL)</p>

<p>Our neighbor just had their first kids--twins also, though their age is not as advanced as this woman who made the news. Though these older parents have disadvantages, they have some advantages as well. Mainly they are generally ready and eager for the experience. We had a lot on our plate when we had our kids, and we had so little money. When I look at the neighbors' babies nurseries, and hear baby nurse discussions, and the plans, I do get envious. And I was not young when I had my first. But I had no money for the first babies, and no time and energy for the last ones. The little guy didn't even have his own bed, much less room for a few years; he would be like a kitten falling asleep with whomever. When I see those Pottery Barn nurseries, I do feel a twinge from missing those amenities. We now have the money to do this stuff, but too much else going on.</p>


<p>I spent far too much money on Beatrix Potter and Peg die for nursery, strollers with shock absorber systems, car seats that converted into strollers for flights to sunny caribbean destinations, swings that played soothing music and could swing side to side of back and forth wasn't desirable at any given moment, chairs that vibrated, bunnies with heartbeats, etc....</p>

<p>Guess what.....she MIGHT have slept in the crib once or twice....prefered to be held or carried than to sit in any of the swings or vibrating chairs, hated the car seat and dumped milk and cookies all over the $400 stroller. </p>

<p>The only thing that sounds helpful in your neighbor's scenario is the nurse :)</p>


<p>yes infact that is life is. When we came to USA, we have nothing so could not afford more kids. We wanted a girl badly as we know that girl take care of parents better than son (no offense to man). We tried and prayed and did not succeed. Anyway when we decided that there was no hope, God provided her. Praise the lord.</p>

<p>Ahh, but I do like the pretty things too. The twins' nursery is in a cool mint green and so peaceful looking. I would have liked to have done one child's room and stuff right insteas in a hodge podge. Of course, now going into some of their rooms, you need plastic bags and a pitchfork!</p>

<p>I remember saying if I did not have a child by the time I was 28 that I would not have any kids. I think I was a mommy in overdrive. I remember being pregnant and knitting/ crocheting evry blanket and sweater set she owned until she was about 3. She got a beautiful child craft crib that she never slept in. I remember the crib coming the day I got got home from the hospital and my ex and my bothers had no idea of how to put it together- classic we don't need to read the instructions and we don't need all of those parts. My sister and I ultimately put the thing together).I lived and died by snugglis and the Peg perego umbrella stroller (I refused to carry anything that weighed more than the child). I custom made barrettes that mathched her clothes, and had she had her share of Rothchild coats, Sylvia Whyte and Mousefeather dresses. I remember sitting my cild talking before she walked (she finally walked at the laundromat, Planning the summer event for her first birthday and having her sleep through it, sitting on the side of the bathtub yelling yeah, capping my hands and stomping my feet for good potty training sessions. </p>

<p>I read in the classroom went on every school trip, backed so many cookies that there are not even cookies in my house (may have to bake some for thanksgiving, but there is also a great bakery near my job). </p>

<p>I remember putting stars and the moon on her ceiling, and shelving around the top perimeter of her room where she still has her Virginia Hamilton Books, 1001 Arabian Nights,American Girl dolls, Beanie Babies, and her collection of Classic Disney Movies. I think we saw everyone up to Mulan (then she was hitting puberty and we stood on line hours to see Titanic) and pulling together those beautiful rooms. She became a teenager, and then went the threats that I was going to have her bedroom floors refinished out of her allowance (Jami, we have had some pitchfork/plastic bags moments). My gosh it made me dizzy just writing all of this at a time in my life where I don't think my oven has been on since June and I go out to dinner almost every night.</p>

<p>I see babies and little kids, I gush and smile and am so happy that they are going home with someone else. At 57, all the best to her</p>

<p>That was such a beautiful post, Sybbie. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a mom! We did not buy much for our babies; no money for the first ones and no time to think about it for the last one. But my brother who just has had his first child pushing 50 (wife is in early 40s) is coming here for Thanksgiving, and I get to see my niece and namesake who is barely a year old. I have three shopping bags of things for her, and I am not a big shopper at all. All the things I never got for my D who wore her brother' s and brother's friends handmedowns. And they have such cute things for little girls! And I enjoy picking up little things for the neighbor babies. The shopping lists for my kids are just not as fun.</p>

<p>My close friend had her last baby at age 52, and is going just fine. She has 3 in college and the little fellow, a surprise package. I guess it all depends on the individual. And I am very happy to see other people's babies as well.</p>

Of course, now going into some of their rooms, you need plastic bags and a pitchfork!


<p>SO true :(. During the summer we redecorated both girls' rooms, beautifully and thoughtfully (but low budget), in consultation with them, to update them in recognition that they were now teenagers. The final touches were all done while they were at camp and they came home and were so ecstatic. Not only were they colorful and pretty (one soft and feminine, the other sporty and energetic, in keeping with personalities and taste), but there was plenty of storage, lighting, etc. </p>

<p>Now they are disaster areas. There is no hope.</p>

<p>I have a four year old brother and my parents are in their mid to late forties. </p>

<p>My dad remarked on this with a grin, "I couldn't stay away from her!" (Referring to my mom.) :D</p>

<p>Now they are disaster areas. There is no hope.</p>

<p>The sad part is that the same thing happens when they go off to college. I remember leaving my daughters beautiful everything matched dorm. I casually asked her how it was going, she said "I love my roommate, because she is messy and I am too." They take pride in the fact that they are messy not dirty because once they put up all of the clothes and other stuff, and make the beds the room is clean. She said when things get out of hand we take some time, straighten it up and start the mess all over again.</p>

<p>I have a friend who was conceived on her sister's wedding day!</p>


<p>I think you are sooo cool and you take everything in stride(maybe because in the life of kids there is nothing new under the sun). I have been told that you are just crazy with the first kid, and you get a little more sense with the second one because you don't worry about evrything so much. However, I am not willing to test that concept.</p>

<p>Coming to you from the Only Child Capital of America (according to NY Magazine)</p>