Journalism at UChicago vs Northwestern + financial aid

Hi all,

I was recently accepted to both UChicago and Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern and I want to get a few opinions on the two programs. I am ultimately interested in a career in Journalism, more specifically Photojournalism.

I am at a cross-roads when it comes to a decision: while Medill is named one of the best Journalism programs in the country, UChicago has offered me a full tuition scholarship. I have not yet received my NU financial aid package so I don’t really know what UChicago is up against. Does anyone know if NU is open to financial aid negotiations?

In addition, I have not visited either school yet because time has not allowed but I am planning to go next month. I am anxious to see how I “fit in” at each respective school - I am sure this will also influence my decision.

If anyone has any thoughts or opinions, they would be much appreciated!

Thank you!