Journalism Programs

<p>hey, i'm looking for PUBLIC universities that offer great journalism/communication programs... i know that syracuse, northwestern, and usc have great programs, but they're all private schools. i heard that U Missouri-Columbia has a good journalism program, but are there any other state universities that have great programs?</p>

<p>University of Maryland- College Park is pretty good. </p>

<p>Take a look at Rugg's Recommendations, colleges sorted by majors including selectivity and size.</p>

<p>Try: UF, UWisc, UIowa, ASU, UCLA, UCB, CalState NOrthridge, Colorado State, UColorado, UG, IU, UIUC, KentState, UMTC, MIssou-Columbia, UNL, OhioS, UNCH, UOregon, USouthCarolina, UWashington, Washington State, UTennessee.</p>

<p>Look at Ohio U in Athens, OH - more highly thought of than Ohio State in Columbus.</p>