Journalism vs Scholars?

<p>hey guys! so i actually applied regular decision to umd but ended up hearing today. i applied as a journalism major and my acceptance letter says im in scholars, but in the school of letters and sciences. does anyone know if its possible to be in both journalism and scholars, or if maybe there was an issue? i feel like if i got into a scholars program i should have been able to get into journalism, even if it is an lep major. any responses would be awesome thanks!!</p>

<p>Journalism is one of the LEPs so there probably wasn't enough space so they accepted you and gave you Letters and Sciences.</p>

<p>how do they decide who gets into an lep major then? i went to maryland marquee day and the head of the journalism department inferred that it was based on merit. is anyone else having the same issue?</p>

<p>It does not make any sense to me either. I would want to know why my stats were high enough for scholars but not high enough for the LEP.</p>

<p>Yeah I think I'm having the same problem, I guess I didn't get into journalism but got into cp scholars</p>

<p>Be glad you got an answer at all! They totally forgot about my daughter's application! Everyone from her high school heard so she called and they gave her some stupid excuse about her app being in so early that they lost track of it. She, too, wants to be a journalism major and it sounds like the honors/scholars program in that school is filled. I don't think she would even consider Maryland if she didn't get into that program. She has already received better offers!!</p>

<p>Getting into scholars is easier than getting direct admission to most LEPs. It's not a big deal though. Since journalism doesn't have competitive review (like business) it's nothing to be upset about. All that is needed is that you pass the gateway requirements. Even if you were directly admitted, you'd have to take the same classes. No worries :)</p>

<p>I'm a junior journalism major. My friend from high school was directly admitted (I wasn't.) and we took all the same journalism classes together, so it doesn't really affect much.</p>

<p>Thank you for answering! It is just so aggravating! To tell you the truth, I was hoping they would make her an offer that would keep her from going to school far from home (like UTexas). Now I wonder if they will give her the same consideration (for honors, merit scholarships, etc) as she would have received if they had looked at her application with the others. Her friend got a handwritten note thanking him for applying with his excellent credentials and she got forgotten with similar stats! Then they basically blamed it on her for getting it in early. It wasn't so early... 10/1... it was due 11/1... not to mention, it was one of the most difficult applications she had and she applied to Northwestern/Medill and Syracuse/Newhouse!</p>

<p>How hard is it to get into the Philip Merrill College of Journalism? I got in but not into the scholars program, which so many people from my high school got into (which is weird because I have a higher GPA and SAT score than they do). Just wondering! Yay GO TERPS</p>

<p>Weird admissions this year....seems like they gave alot of alternate school acceptances rather than freshman connection....</p>

<p>There is someone on another thread who got honors, but not their first choice school.....bizarre......</p>

<p>hey so i called and you need to have a 600+ on your CR SAT score to get into merrill. I had a 700, but for some reason the computer bumped my SATs out for my ACTs and it just didnt register that i qualified!! but thanks for all of your help!!</p>

<p>So are they correcting their mistake or what?</p>

<p>My daughter did not get admitted to her lep but is in the scholars program. She loves it, got a. 4.0 first semester and expects to be admitted to her major next year. She is currently letters and sciences. Scholars is a GREAT way to get acclimated as a freshman at umd.</p>

<p>Mom of 3girls, there is no mistake to correct.</p>

<p>No... they are too busy covering their asses. The director of guidance from our school district made some calls and they are NOW saying that they held her app for her midyear grades before making a decision. Students with MUCH lower GPAs and SAT scores got in from our high school. My D is editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, secretary of the spanish national honor society, a varsity swimmer, and a student representative on a number of townwide committees where she sits with school district administration. She has been awarded the Eisenhower Leadership Award from West Point and was chosen to represent our school at Girls State last June. Although I know UMD does not officially look at the writing portion of the SAT, she scored a 750 and is applying to journalism. She is in the top 20% of an extremely competetive, nationally-ranked high school and has taken mostly Honors and AP courses. You tell me... do you think it would be dependant on her midyear grades based on these facts?</p>

<p>She wants to withdraw her application. I would like to wait and see...</p>