Journalsim Major- Cal Poly

<p>I'm majoring in journalism at Cal Poly SLO and debating if I should also minor in something. If anyone has suggestions that would be helpful; especially if you attend CP.</p>

<p>I'm a professional journalist who majored in journalism. My minor was in history -- it has helped quite a bit over the years as it helped me learn how to write a good story about historical events. A minor in business would also be a good match - not only could it help you write on business topics for various publications, it opens the door for other jobs like Public relations, marketing, advertising.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot Carolyn. It's funny because after looking into the minors offered at Cal Poly today, I decided that history and business were my top two choices. I was leaning towards history, but I am also really interested in the the advertisment field.... Oh the confusion! thanks again Carolyn; I really appreciate your helpful response!</p>

<p>I'd agree that if you're interested in advertising, a business minor would be very helpful. However, if you want to write an opinion column, I'd say knowledge of historical events would be essential. Maybe take one class from each subject as a GE and see how you feel?</p>

<p>History as a minor made sense for me - really helped me learn how to do research and as I said, how to tell a story. You could take a few business courses as well. Ironically, I went on to get my MBA and that was plenty of business knowledge :) My advice: choose a minor that's going to be interesting and fun.</p>