Judge bars University of California from all use of SAT, ACT scores in admissions


So, does this mean that the students no longer have a chance to submit their scores, if they want to?

@Hopeithappens, Did you read the article?

Yup. As of now, assuming no judicial overturns, UC s are test-blind.

Depending on what the UC powers-that-be are up for, I imagine there is the potential for immediate appeal.

A copy of the ruling: https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/UCalifSAT-ACT-piRULING.pdf

Agreed. More to come possibly

Kids need some certainty in this already uncertain time. This had better not drag.

According to the article:

So UCB, UCSC, and UCI were already going to be test-blind anyway, but the other six campuses intended to be test-optional.

About darn time. This “test optional” policy is obtuse and unfair. My daughter has not been able to take the SAT – her first attempt was cancelled last March, the day before she was to take it. Her next two tries, April and June, were also cancelled. Then we signed up for an August date 4 hours away in a school system that is open for on-site instruction (hers is not). It was cancelled the day before it was to happen as the school closed down due to one covid case being discovered among the students.

Oh, and my student is a national merit semfinalist, and an excellent test taker. We just can’t find a place to take the darn test.

This is the only fair approach.

The comical part is that this was ruled by a superior-court judge in Alameda. The sad part is the quality of high school just went up even more when judging whether a candidate is fit for a certain programs.

@socowonder . . . you all haven’t considered the ACT? They’ve integrated online-testing better than College Board.

Apologies for kidnapping, just 2 quick comments
Our approach to the Aug 29 SAT was to find a school that had physically opened, and basically didn’t even mention COVID on their site. We found one in Indiana, called them the day before, were barked at but got confirmation; it took some extreme measures (spending a night at a motel nearby) but it worked well. 8 students per room, masks, sanitizer, felt pretty safe and well-organized.
@firmament2x Online ACT? This still requires a school to be open, it’s not meant for at-home administration.

Hence the judges ruling that using SAT scores discriminates against the poor and disabled. A poor family would never have been able to pull this off.

Why is the state of California not providing an in-school SAT or ACT this fall? Some (many?) states are, and seems like it would solve the problem of access.

"Hence the judges ruling that using SAT scores discriminates against the poor and disabled. A poor family would never have been able to pull this off. "

It wouldn’t be discrimination if the UCs just used everyone’s PSAT from last fall.

Sure it would since not everyone takes the psat. Our large public HS has made it optional for years, (that way they don’t have to pay for it).

I bet not. UC is on track to eliminate the SAT/ACT anyway, so this gives them legal cover. (‘The Judge made us do it.’) No need to appeal a decision that they support. (Unless the judge has awarded millions in damages to the plaintiff’s attorneys.)

@ArtsyKidDad Yes. We were set to do something similar – had an airbnb booked for the August test in a school districtl 4 hours away. But then they discovered a covid case, shut down, and didn’t hold the test

The only one of my daughter’s friends who has managed to take the test has a second family home in Tahoe, so he took it in Sparks Nevada.

So, yes, the current situation is definitely advantaging people of means.

We have another shot at the end of Septembter, when we will book another airbnb at a county 6 hours away whose schools are open for in person instruction.

@Mwfan1921 Many (most?) school districts in CA are closed for in person instruction, so they cannot hold an in-school SAT

Most schools in CA are not allowed to open to students yet, private or public. I’ve read that under certain conditions schools can apply for a waiver, but I believe most counties still unable, and some that might have been able to open in some capacity are no longer because of the state’s latest restriction tiers. My kid’s high school usually holds an in-school date but they recently announced to parents there won’t be any in-school test dates this year for either ACT or SAT due to the impossibility of navigating with the state and county and with the test orgs themselves. (I can’t speak to SAT but the ACT has been pretty much a master class in disaster.).

I understand that, but in Illinois for example, most schools aren’t open either, yet they are going to run in person SATs (state graduation requirement) for their students during the school day. These are supposed to take place in Sept or October and all schools have them on the schedule AFAIK. It can be done.

With that said, should covid cases increase dramatically the governor may have to waive the state graduation requirement to take an SAT.

I’m all for social justice, and non-discriminatory rules. And I’m sure there are families who cannot afford 1/2 tank of gas and $50 for Motel 6, or don’t even have a car, or work crazy shifts and wouldn’t’ be able to travel.

However, I’m not sure if forcing the entire system to go test blind, as oppose to optional, is the answer. Law of unintended consequences: now other admission criteria will be even more important. And they tend to be more financially discriminatory - like many extracurriculars or tutoring. Would you be in favor of EC-blind admission?