juggling during the summer.

<p>hi, i have a question about what i should do this summer.</p>

<p>i've been juggling for pretty much all my life, and just recently i've decided to do a bit more with my juggling. here are three things i am thinking about.</p>

<p>compete. there are two main competitions where jugglers from all over the world compete in. not only would this be uber fun :) but it gives me a chance to show what i got.</p>

<p>teach. a local community college is offering me a position to teach juggling for the fall quarter.</p>

<p>organize an event. sadly there aren't any major competitions on this side of the U.S. (they're all in the new england states. =/) so i might decide to start a competition for the west-side mid-eastern states. hopefully w/ prize money and endorsements involved.</p>

<p>my summer is extraordinarly busy so i can only do one of these. which do you think would be the most helpful (experience, time usage, usefulness on the apps) and why?</p>


<p>bump to the top.</p>

<p>I say teach. </p>

<p>Also what do you juggle? At first I thought it was juggling activities not actually juggling.</p>

<p>I juggle 3 ball and diabolo.</p>

<p>It's a bit of juggling activities too, I guess. I'm trying to make way for Harvard SSP but that doesn't seem to be working out...</p>

<p>Can you juggle with a soccer ball (using your feet) or only with your hands. </p>

<p>I've always wanted to learn how to juggle, there are some sick youtube videos on it.</p>

<p>Nope, no soccer ball. I failed at playing soccer before I hit kindergarton. =P</p>

<p>There is some sick stuff at the WJF and IJA conventions if you want to see the best of the best go at it.</p>

<p>My D has performed in a student-run circus at her college, dancing on stilts, so I do feel eligible to chime in :)</p>

<p>I can contribute by saying "why" you might choose each one, and it could be that you decide based on what you want to augment your app, if they're all equally fun: </p>

<p>1.teaching demonstrates patience, longer term commitment, empathizing with
others' needs</p>

<p>2.organizing an event demonstrates leadership</p>

<li>competing is more about demonstrating your technical skill within the field,
and while that's only indirectly connected to what a college teaches you,
it shows you're ready to take a risk</li>

<p>ADDING (in edit): Organizing a new event probably takes more time than you can imagine. Teaching happens on a schedule and is more-or-less limited to those hours, although you might find yourself reflecting on how to teach skills, in- between the lessons. Competing sounds like the most fun.
It's also a GREAT personal essay topic, anything to do with juggling, if you can work it into another more reflective theme so it's not silly.</p>

<p>dude juggle with PATRICIA RANEIRI SHES AN ALL STAR!!</p>

<p>Teach. Many colleges value applicants who have those kind of leadership and responisbility skills. Lots of applicants are cometitive in one field or another, but how many have taught at the CC level?</p>

<p>teaching at cc should help you a lot as it is very rare for hs students to do.</p>

<p>Stop, just stop. Mister Ranieri still goes on juggling dates with Carter Lathrop after golf practice.</p>

<p>Which would you rather do? That's the only question that really matters.</p>