Juilliard Theater Program--When to apply?

So I’m a bit confused on something about the applications process at Juilliard. Do you apply as a junior or senior in high school, or afterwords? It says on the webpage that a high school diploma is required by the time you enroll, so I assume that means that you would be applying as a junior. Also, do seniors have a lower or higher chance of getting in?

I know I might be pretty dumb for asking this but I really want a straightforward answer.
Thank you!

Hey! I’ve read up on Juilliard quite a bit, and you do apply in the fall of senior year. applications are due sometime around November 1st, and auditions follow anytime after November but before April. When they say High School Diploma, it means that by the time you enter university, you must have graduated high school. You cannot apply as a junior. High school seniors actually have the lowest chance of admission, as Juilliard wants the most mature students. Mostly they accept transfer students and people looking to do their bachelor’s degree again. Having said that, there is a chance for anyone to get in! But to answer your question, you apply in the fall of your senior year.