Jumping Schools

Hello, I wanted to get something off my chest and see if it’ll be a problem for my eventual College admissions. So from Gr. 9 to Gr. 12 (where I will be after a few months) have all been/will be in different schools. My grades around B+ in all schools, they all have varying difficulties but keep to the same American curriculum. My current school (Gr. 11 right now) is a mastery type of school, while the previous two were traditional schools. I have taken one AP class in the school I am in currently (Bio) but I plan to switch to physics.

Now for the big question, will this affect my college admissions? And how does this affect my evaluation, if at all?

Ah also forgot to say that from Gr. 9 to Gr. 10 were in the same country, while I am currently enrolled in an online school called “Laurel Springs”. After I finish this grade, I’ll be moving to the US to the state of Massachusets.

Will you be going to public school in MA? If so, there are some really fantastic school districts and some really terrible ones as well. Hopefully you will be in a good school district, as ultimately that is where you will be graduating from. I don’t think colleges will penalize you because your family moved. With your grades, you will probably not get into T20 colleges but there would be plenty of other colleges that would be happy to have you.