Jumping Schools

Hello, I wanted to get something off my chest and see if it’ll be a problem for my eventual College admissions. So from Gr. 9 to Gr. 12 (where I will be after a few months) have all been/will be in different schools. My grades around B+ in all schools, they all have varying difficulties but keep to the same American curriculum. My current school (Gr. 11 right now) is a mastery type of school, while the previous two were traditional schools. I have taken one AP class in the school I am in currently (Bio) but I plan to switch to physics.

I’m not sure what your question is? Are you concerned that going to more than one HS will be a problem for college admissions? Overall, no: many, many students have more than one HS, usually from family moves, but sometimes for other reasons. Will you have been in a different school for each grade (9,10,11,12)? The most any of our collegekids had was 3 HS (albeit across 2 countries).

In practical terms, make sure that your Grade 12 school has all your transcripts, and be prepared to help your GC write your LoR (do up a page of key points). Going into a new school in Grade 12 means that none of your teachers will have known you for more than a term- do you have a teacher from your Grade 11 school who could write one of your LoRs?