June 2010: Chemistry

<p>This has probably already been done, but nobody seems to be posting in any of the previously made threads.</p>

<p>Use this thread to talk/worry/obsess about the chemistry subject test.</p>

<p>gaahhh, why is the grading curve so harsh 85 questions and you're only allowed to get 2 wrong? that's my rant for the day.</p>

<p>damn i just took the actual released test (blue book) and only scored a measly 730. if i can answer just a few more questions i can propel myself into the golden gates of 750+. </p>


<p>i've been in a different state all week on a competition, i've had no time to study for this test FML... </p>

<p>I'm only 45% through barron's i'm screwed!</p>

<p>Lol I think I'm kinda in the same situation as you ^ guy above. My Chemistry class just finished going through all the material, but we still haven't learnt quite a lot of the SAT curriculum. We did not learn entropy/enthalpy/equilibrium/3D molecular shapes (bent/linear/whatever)/organic chemistry/specific heat or stuff relating to that. </p>

<p>I just started studying this new stuff on saturday. I think I am quite fux'd for this test. I hope I can understand these new concepts/memorize the new facts this week since the test is coming up saturday. I'm still a bit rusty with the reactivity series and redox stuff but all the other stuff I am fine since we just finished the curriculum.</p>

<p>O btw, I'm halfway through the PR review book. Do you think that if I manage to learn all these new concepts by myself by thursday and do 1 or 2 practice tests before friday I can get a decent score in the 700s?</p>

<p>Or am I better off waiting till next test date? I am also planning to take a second SAT in october, so I can't do it in october. If I take SAT chem in november, I would have sat through a bit of my AP chem class as a grade 12 (or junior), but would it be too late to send the scores to US universities? I'm an international student btw, in Canada.</p>

<p>i think PR is good...gets u the basics down pat.In my class too we havnt yet covered Reaction rates(chemical kinetics) and biomolec.i thought it gave me a decent enuf base.however,i would suggest you look through some other book for molecular shapes(i dont think it is sufficient). All and all,PR wins hands down to barrons wich apart from the practise tests is a complete waste of time.It gives too much of irrelevant info.I did like the lab part of it though.
Even im giving chem onJune.</p>

<p>Well, I'm gonna give this test a shot after intense studying these few days and use score choice if needed. I have a chem text book I can study from for the molecular shapes, so I guess I am fine in terms of materials.</p>

<p>Im using Princeton Review and im just about done eith the chapter on acid-base stuff.</p>

<p>they want you to know how to find pKa, which is the negative logarithm of Ka, which requires a calculator, doesnt it?? </p>

<p>also, the conjugate/buffer stuff is dreadful, but other than that, im doing ok.</p>

<p>and finally, is redox/electrochemistry really hard? im not there yet :(</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore who's in a honors chemistry class. We're still not quite done with organic chemistry, which is our last unit.</p>

<p>I still haven't studied for this test yet, which is why I think I'm pretty much screwed.</p>

<p>Good thing this test is supposed to be easier than the biology E/M one.</p>

<p>I keep getting questions on LeChatlier's principle and periodic trends wrong. I don't know why I always have a problem remembering periodic trends.</p>

<p>Are the sparknotes SATII chemistry practice tests (620 1st one 680 2nd one) at all accurate and what would a 760 on a barrons practice test (4) be on the real test (estimate).</p>

<p>@finalarrow: i really don' think the curve's 2 questions. most books and my friends say it's anywhere from 5-6 wrong and you can still get an 800. it's not a bad curve at all.</p>

<p>@redzerb: electrochemistry is awful. you can read it 3523532 times and still not know exactly what they're talking about. </p>

<p>@lolchemlol: sparknotes tests are dreadful but generally people score higher on the real SAT than on barron's practice tests. so if you got 760 on barron's youre probably looking at 780+ish on the actual exam.</p>

<p>btw what do you guys think of mcgraw hill? ive generally been scoring lower on those than princeton/barron's but it's because the grading curve in their book is so much steeper than the other books.</p>

<p>For questions that ask to calculate heat, do they give you the specific heats of the compounds and stuff? </p>

<p>also, do we get a table of reduction potentials or do we have to memorize them. and how about formulas, do we get a formula sheet like in the ap exam?</p>

<p>all i know as of now is that we get a periodic table lol</p>

<p>Ehhh worried ><"</p>

<p>What do you think we should memorize for the test?
Strong acids/bases, weak acids/bases, ionic compounds, constants (22.4L, 6.022 x 10^23), solubility rules (?), Lewis structures, formulas (which ones?)... what else?</p>

<p>@IAmCool: periodic table is all you get. For any questions with reduction potential calc/compounds with obscure formulae/specific heat, the relevant info should be provided in the question.</p>

<p>the barron's curve is raw score of 75-85 for an 800--is this accurate..?</p>

<p>@ramannoodles: The curve IS two questions, from the official collegeboard book. I believe there hasn't been much change in that. If you get three wrong, its 790. Painful....</p>

<p>What is your opinion on the Practice SatII chem tests found in REA SatII chem review book. (accurate, inaccurate, harder, easier than the real SATII in chem)</p>

<p>my problem is weird. i know all of the information, however i am a sporadic test taker. i usually read the question too fast and make silly mistakes. for example, one question was:</p>

What is the hydroxide concentration of an acid with pH of 3?


<p>at first i was like:</p>

<p>easy! ph = -log(x), concentration must be 1 x 10 - 3. i forgot that they wanted hydroxide concentration. however, i realized this and did 1 x 10 - 11.</p>

<p>its always stuff like that for me. ive gotten 800's on practice tests and have dropped down to 700 due to my carelessness. im worried that i may do this on the actual test</p>

<p>Ok so I just took the sparknotes test 1 and got a 760</p>

<p>8 wrong and like half were math/dumb errors. Does anyone know how these tests compare?</p>