June 2010: Latin

<p>I honestly have no idea who else has taken the test, and have no one to whom I can compare my 750. I expected a 750, but wanted higher. I feel like the curve was not as generous since the exam was pretty easy and straightforward. Will probably retake after Latin 4 when I'll be more prepared.</p>

<p>I took it & got 800...I've finished Latin 4, though. I thought a couple of the questions where you have to replace one construction with another were kind of tricky, but it was pretty straightforward otherwise. I'm sure you'll do better if you take it again next year...the extra year helps. :)</p>

<p>thanks! some of the rearranging constructions were tricky, and some of the passage questions, but yeah, now I know what to expect. LOL I didn't even plan to take the Latin SAT until the day before. But yeah next year is all about reading prose and poetry so I'll get used to it</p>