***June 2010 Math I Thread***

<p>post answers</p>

<p>What'd you guys think????? I thought it wasnt too bad</p>

<p>didnt get question 50 and the one about concentric circles.
also didnt understand the one where it was g(x) = x^2 and h = 3+ sqrt x.. when x = 9
i just said 36 because i got 6x^2..no idea lol</p>

<p>36 was right i believe</p>

<p>what were the coordinates?</p>

<p>watd u guys get for the length of the diagonal on the quadrilateral? i got 5.0</p>

<p>*green tea, i did too </p>

<p>I felt like there was hardly any time for the whole test. I was often rushing every question and did ALL the work on my calculator lol</p>

<p>what did you guys get for the one with the shirts A and B and profit?? I got 17.5 %
And when do we get our scores?????</p>

<p>Scores can be checked around two weeks after the test, but arrive by mail in a longer time.</p>

<p>for the coordinate one, what were the points?</p>

<p>im pretty sure i got .2 because it was:
.1 +.2/2 = .15</p>

<p>what did u guys get for the last 3?
the concentric circles, the profit, and the cone?</p>

<p>what did u say for the question asking for what would prove the two lines in the drawing were parallel?</p>

<p>^ i put c=g, i think but i was confused between tht and a=e</p>


<p>yea but the question said that the store sold twice as more brand A shirts</p>

<p>This thread has sorta been a failure because I guess no one else on cc takes math I (LOL). O well I really have no idea what I got so I'll just have to wait and see.</p>


<p>yea I thought it was one of those</p>

<p>but there were 3 choices that had similar choices</p>

Yeah...there were only 3 people (3/30 i think) in my testing room taking it</p>

<p>I'm still looking for curves for the test though because on barrons I think i did well, but on sparknotes i might be not hitting my target. I'm trying to find the most reliable conversion table or just a bunch of them and compare.</p>

<p>what parralel lines one?
i remember a question where it asked about what would have the same y-int and it was 2</p>

<p>how about the question with the line ni the circle tangent to a circle inside of it</p>

<p>u had to find the area of the shaded part</p>

<p>and @thegreentea</p>

<p>There was a parallelogram transversed by two lines
It asked what needed to be true in order to prove the two lines were parallel</p>