June 2010: sat US history, SUNDAY test discussion!

<p>I'm really not sure how i did!
What was the first civilized colony in New England?</p>

<p>Just one more question left:</p>

<li>Picture of Woman - Women were busy in Domestic Chores</li>
<li>Nixon/Reagan took hard line on communism</li>
<li>Picture of George H.W. Bush - He wasn't paying enough attention to domestic issues</li>
<li>New England colonies had higher life expectancy than Chesapeake Colonies</li>
<li>Pennsylvania didn't have established church</li>
<li>Moral Majority - thought secular humanism was eroding America</li>
<li>Chart of States with African American populations - Great Migration</li>
<li>Main crop in South Carolina was rice</li>
<li>mercantilism, colonies can't export manufactured goods</li>
<li>Dawes Severalty Act - divided tribal lands to individuals</li>
<li>Picture with missiles - Massive Retaliation</li>
<li>John Marshall's court - gave more power to federal government than the state (not verbatim)</li>
<li>In the Antebellum south between 1820 - 1860 - the African American population exploded</li>
<li>Scopes Trial was about teaching evolution in school</li>
<li>Lyndon B. Johnson - was about humanities and arts</li>
<li>Martin Luther King was inspired by Thoreau</li>
<li>Ida B. Wells - lynching</li>
<li>Popular Sovereignty was supported by the Democratic Party</li>
<li>AFL and Knights of Labor differed on economics v politics</li>
<li>Difference between the Sioux and Iroquois was that the Iroquois lived in permanent settlements</li>
<li>riots in 63=irish immigrants</li>
<li>first art=jazz</li>
<li>1950 book against beat=on the road</li>
<li>Teddy Roosevelt gave U.S. sole possession of Panama canal</li>
<li>map of U.S. with railroad lines - cattle</li>
<li>The Lusitania promoted military preparedness</li>
<li>explorers coming to the new world - diseases killed native people</li>
<li>DEBATABLE colonial charter - privileges and rights</li>
<li>DEBATABLE small passage about Britain - "They levied taxes simply to raise revenue"</li>
<li>Revolution of 1828 - extension of universal male suffrage - common people</li>
<li>Most women in the 1860s worked in textiles/garment industries
32.First war where the U.S. gained overseas territory - Spanish-American war</li>
<li>sit ins in Greensboro, NC - African American student non violence</li>
<li>Whiskey Rebellion - federal government imposed excise tax</li>
<li>New South economy - rapid industrialization and northern investment</li>
<li>Women in World War II was Rosie the Riveter.</li>
<li>Constitution doesn't allow everyone to vote</li>
<li>Speaker of the House is not appointed by the President</li>
<li>Great Awakening in 18th Century - revivals</li>
<li>Camp David Accords - ended hostilities between Egypt and Israel</li>
<li>Edison's Menlo Park was first industrial research lab</li>
<li>Federalist papers- answer included the word factions</li>
<li>Embargo Act resulted in U.S. having less commerce, due to less trade with Britain</li>
<li>French and Indian War - British Empire in North America expanded</li>
<li>Settlement Houses - women gained experience in social welfare work</li>
<li>Women in 19th century - clerical workers</li>
<li>Jamestown - joint-stock company with focus on tobacco</li>
<li>passage that said "2/5 of the island is negroes" and "another black republic" - using racial fears to prevent intervention in Cuba</li>
<li>Manifest Destiny - Annexation of Texas</li>
<li>Uncle Tom's Cabin - increased abolitionist movement in the North</li>
<li>Tet Offensive - American public believed the government was mishandling the war</li>
<li>Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the rebellious territories</li>
<li>Plessy vs. Ferguson allowed for Jim Crow laws.</li>
<li>Anne Hutchinson - deny that only clergy can interpret scripture????????</li>
<li>Man in Flannel Grey Suit - anti-conformity</li>
<li>City on a hill - serve as model city for the world</li>
<li>Red Scare after WWI - police raids</li>
<li>Committee of Public Information - mobilize for war</li>
<li>Biggest failure of Kennedy administration - bay of pigs</li>
<li>New Deal policies were found on - government spending</li>
<li>Washington's Farewell Address- not joining the league of nations</li>
<li>Social Gospel - Christianity to combat social conditions</li>
<li>Free Soilers and Liberty Party - both against slavery</li>
<li>Women gaining right to vote - weaken family and traditional roles in society</li>
<li>What DIDN't the War of 1812 immediately result in: gaining new territory </li>
<li>oil embargo - congress did not pass an antipollution bill</li>
<li>THE CARTOON OF THE ANGRY ASIAN--- containment</li>
<li>Hamilton wanted investment in American industry.</li>
<li>Matching Question - AFL - Skilled Labor</li>
<li>Muckrackers were journalists exposing the social issues</li>
<li>Second question on chart with states - African - Americans left for industrial jobs</li>
<li>oil companies used horizontal integration to control the output and the price</li>
<li>The CCC was a new deal program to help job relief recover and environmental problems</li>
<li>Declaration of Independence - addressed grievances to the King</li>
<li>Crane and Dreiser - Social Problems on the streets</li>
<li>1828 - 1836, sectional disputes about tariffs</li>
<li>Harry Truman set the precedent for communist policies</li>
<li>Chinese Exclusion Act - banned people of certain races and national origins.</li>
<li>Why did Great Britain pass the Sugar Act - customs duties</li>
<li>DEBATABLE Homestead act in 1863 - dealt with speculators or "free soil, free land, free men"</li>
<li>Market economy - moving from cities to rural areas</li>
<li>The population from 1946 to 1964 compared to the population in the 1930-1945 grew rapidly</li>
<li>The Berlin Airlift was a result of the Soviet Union blockading entrances to Berlin</li>
<li>Sputnik led to U.S. investment in secondary education</li>
<li>Southerners justified slavery with positive good - by bringing Christianity to Africans</li>
<li>women were the cornerstone of homes - distinct social spheres for women compared to me</li>
<li>the railroad that went from coast to coast was aided by the federal government</li>
<li>electric street cars - physical expansion of cities</li>
<li>Isolationism - no political alliances*</li>


<p>thank you but i believe that those are the answers for the saturday june 5th test, I'm looking for the sunday june 6th (today) test answers..</p>

<p>Ya, that's Saturdays test answers. I found the Sunday SO easy. Nixon and Kennedy both started careers with anti-communism after World War 2. The quote that began with "It is now the Cold War.." is Mccarthy. New England Colonies had town meetings..</p>

<p>Do you know the first civilized colony ?</p>

<p>That was one of the four that I skipped. That one, the mugging one and a two others.</p>

<p>i put virginia but i'm starting to think that it is massachusetts bay</p>

<p>what was the mugging one? i don't even remember it.. lol
i put truman for that quote :(</p>

<p>Well the Virginia colony was established before Massachusetts Bay, but the question didn't limit it limit itself to England colonies, the question stated Europe. I think it was one of the Spanish colonies</p>

<p>Are you sure the quotation " This is the Cold War... " was said by McCarthy?
Are there any questions you're not sure about?</p>

<p>Overall the test was pretty good</p>

<p>Florida was were the Europeans first settled bc St. Augustine is in florida (it was a kaplan SAT II question). </p>

<p>What was the Answer to question 22--the picture with the 2 circles that said merrimack
The 2 questions on Walt Whitman ---I put Pragmatism and Objection to reason</p>

<p>Confirmed that he's a pragmatist.
What was the other question on him?
For the merrimack I put that men and women are in different spheres (not verbatim), you?</p>

<p>I did something else that i dont remeber...i was gna chose that one but couldnt see if there was a man in the send sphere or just anothe women</p>

<p>I forgot what I chose for that one. What'd you guys do for the one with the graph of slavery- the one with the dots which represent 1 dot = 2,000 slavese</p>

<p>I forgot the choices lol
I know of 3 that i got wrong already :(
I really hope i got 700's</p>