June 2010: US History

<p>I put cities physically expanded too</p>

<p>ye thats what i put for street cars i was just confused with suburbanization.</p>

<p>what about the one with antebellum period and the slaves</p>

<p>and what columbus' expedition got the spanish or something like that?</p>

<p>I put Nixon/Regaean too</p>

<p>Oh and Martin Luther King was inspired by Thoraeu... I got that wrong I put Emerson :/</p>

<p>i also put nixon/reagan</p>

<p>"i put free soil, free men or something like that for the Homestead one "

book ques
the one with grey flannel suit or w/e? --> conformity, right?</p>

<p>the rep one is free soil free land free blahblah
the anti-com shoulda be eisenhower and carter becoz
1. eisenhower is the president when cold war just began ( no doubt about it)
2. nixon began detente with china in 1972 and secretly visited china, but not until 1979 did U.S. recognize China. why? coz Nixon's gone and carter came in.
that's my logic lol</p>

<p>yea the flannel one was definitely conformity.
what was the one about riots in cities in 1873?</p>

<p>i put down that MLK was inspired by Stowe...? can anyone confirm?</p>

<p>yess i put conformity.
what'd you guys get for "which party was in favor of popular sovereignty" I put democratic party but wouldn't they be in support of slavery everywhere? It was either that or northern whigs, which was just confusing.</p>

<p>Thoreau wrote a book named civil disobedience...
and i got mistaken with the book name (flannel)</p>

<p>jello - conformity is right.</p>

<p>jerichokk - yeah thats what i thought too, cuz of the ping pong diplomacy of whatever</p>

<p>ohh i thought for the republican ideal the land that they were supposed to give to the ppl actually went to big corporations.. so i put A i think, the one about large grants of land to blahblah</p>

<p>i dont remember the riot ques. exactly
but i thought it was a race riot, not quite sure though; need more context</p>

<p>I think I put the city riots were w/ German immigrants? Can anyone confirm that?</p>

<p>ida b wells anyone?</p>

<p>oh and the mob violence... ***FF any ideas</p>

<p>i put the german immigrants and whatever in the workforce for the mob violence too.</p>

<p>ida b wells was anti lynching</p>

<p>It was definitely Nixon Reagan. Although Nixon pledged detente during his presidency, he made a name for himself as an anti-communist and his anti-Communism is what allowed him to pursue detente without being called soft on Communism. Carter, on the other hand, was not an embattled anti-Communist as evidenced SALT II. Carter wanted to begin an epoch of new concern for human rights.</p>

<p>I put black people for mob riots</p>

<p>For the Lyndon question, I put Model Citties act, confim anyone?</p>

<p>I put german immigrants/nativists for mob violence. Im pretty sure it's right.
Ida B Wells was against lynching</p>

<p>City on a hill?</p>

<p>ooh. remember another one:
Scope case is for teaching evolution</p>