June 2010: US History

<p>Anyone remember any of the answers? I don't lol I have the worst memory.</p>

<p>I did so bad..Didn't finish the test....a lot of book's names...</p>

<p>yeaaahhh what was with all those books :(</p>

<p>is there 90 or 95 question?
coz if it is 95 i may have to retake...
i didn't look around after the 90th q about gwb...</p>

<p>wow...i was gonna make the thread but u beat me to it. damn you.</p>

<p>I thought the test was atypically easy, and had read all of the books, so I was well prepared.</p>

<p>there's only 90 questions</p>

<p>Easy!? Wow, I thought it was very difficult.</p>

thanks Gecko sooooooooooomuch
i've been thinkin about it all day long
and u save me from endless torture</p>

<p>I think it was pretty hard, not impossible but harder than Sparknotes practice tests and harder than the AP exam. Though looking up some answers I did a good job guessing on the ones I did, so hopefully I'll still get a good score.</p>

<p>It was sooooooooooo hard! I have 40 questions left when it only 20 minutes left......I skip so many questions and finished up to about 85. Are there any esay questions from 85-90? I will be so regret if so...</p>

<p>yea, this test was almost as bad as barrons which is saying something=\
anyway, what did you guys get for the colonial one? i was stuck between pennsylvania (no established religion) and rhode island (separation of church and state) </p>

<p>was it that rhode island didn't have separation of church and state?</p>

<p>Oh!!! The answer to that one was Pennsylvania had no church. I know that's right for a fact.</p>

<p>Let's keep going like this. If anyone remembers questions, please bring them up!</p>

<p>the very last one is quiet simple i guess
isnt it...?</p>

<p>ye the last one wsa about bush spending little domestically and a lot internationally. what about that one with republican ideals and how it corresponds with homestead act???</p>

<p>and the one about crane and some other guy?</p>

<p>and... the street cars?</p>

<p>there was an odd one about presidents... i put eisenhower and carter? anyone know which question i'm referring to?? i forget the exact phrasing</p>

<p>yeah that pennsylvania /rhode island one was weird. I put pennsylvania but I don't know if i misread the question . Does anyone remember the question?</p>

<p>thats right. it was about anti communism</p>

<p>i put that cities physically expanded for the street car one</p>

<p>Really? I put Nixon/Reagan for the anti-communist president question.
i put free soil, free men or something like that for the Homestead one</p>