June 2012 ACT Curve Predictions

<p>Does anybody who took the June 2012 ACT want to contribute their thoughts about the CURVES based on test difficulty? The threads for the individual sections of the test don't have many comments pertaining to the curve itself.</p>

<p>Below are my personal ideas about the curve. Feel free to modify or comment.</p>

-0=36 -1=35 -2=34 -3/-4= 33
(Never really changes/is always pretty steep)</p>

-0/-1=36 -2=35 -3/-4=34
(There seemed to be a few trouble-spots for people in general)</p>

-0=36 -1=35 -2/-3=34 -4=33</p>

-0/-1=36 -2=35 -3=34 -4=33
(People on CC complained a lot about this section)</p>

<p>The it/itself question may cause a higher curve in the English portion, I believe. Just by a point. If we’re lucky.</p>

<p>For both its it’s or its’ questions, what were the answers? I think i got everything but those. </p>

<p>I think the math curve will be lower, despite tricks the section was so easy you could finish quickly and check all the questions for tiny tricks.</p>

<p>My prediction:
E: 36,35,34,33…
M: 36,36,35,34…
R: 36,35,34,33…
S: 36,35,34,34</p>

<p>I think all of the sections were fair, and the science curve probably won’t kick in until a 38 or 37 raw. I hope english is lenient, but I’m not counting on it. Math has typically been -1 36 for the past few tests, and I wouldn’t expect it to change. Reading was relatively easy, but it is usually the most forgiving, so expect a lenient curve.</p>