June 3 SAT Curve? (Results w/ questions wrong/left blank #s)

<p>I know we've all rehashed the scores from the June 3 SAT, but I was wondering if some could repost with their more detailed scores, like how many you got wrong or ommitted, if there isn't a discussion about this already.</p>

<p>I'm just curious because although I know the curve changes with each test, I'd like to try to gage a ballpark of what raw scores become (since the CB book is a bit vague).</p>

<p>I ended up with a 710 on math, which I'm happy about, with getting 3 wrong and leaving 1 blank and I know as people tend to do well on math the curve isn't very friendly but that just seems so low for that!</p>

<p>yeah, wow, that seems REALLY low for that.... i got 740 math for 3 wrong and 0 blank. 30 points for that one blank?? wow..</p>

<p>I guess it depends on which type of questions you missed. Every multiple-choice question you missed will cost you 1/4 of a point, whereas wrong self-produced answers will cost you nothing.</p>

<p>CR: 720 (-6, omit 1)
Math: 680 (-6, omit 0)
Writing: 610 (-11, omit 1), 10 essay</p>

<p>CR: 500 (-22, 10 omit) (raw score 30)<-------I wasn't thinking clearly and I had time management issues, but I got a 630 on the april one so whatever.
Math: 720 (-4, 0 omit) (raw score 50)<--------<strong><em>?!?!?!!?
Writing: 670 (-6, 1 omit), 9 essay (raw score 39) <-----</em></strong>?!?!?!</p>

<p>CR: 790 (3 wrong, 0 omit, raw score: 63)
M: 680 (5 wrong, 1 omit, raw score: 47)
W: 800 (0 wrong, 0 omitted, 12 essay)</p>

CR: 790 (3 wrong, 0 omit, raw score: 63)


<p>How is this possible?</p>

<p>Probably because its very easy to miss CR questions.</p>

got 740 math for 3 wrong and 0 blank


<p>OK...wait, that's still a raw score of 50!!!! How is it possible that two people with the same exact raw score can have two different scaled scores?!?!?!!?!</p>

<p>i had a raw score of 51.. this is probably because i know one of the questions i missed was a grid-in, and those dont count against you. this is what it says:
Number Right: 51, Number Wrong: 3, Number Omitted: 0, Total Number of Questions: 54, Raw Score: 51</p>

<p>how do you guys know your raw scores??</p>

<p>nevermind lol
CR: 590 (15 wrong, 4 omit, raw score: 44)
M: 650 (7 wrong, 3 omit, raw score: 43)
W: 520 (19 wrong, 1 omitted, 9 essay, MC raw score:24 )</p>

<p>My SAT had a passage on SETI and an essay prompt on whether people tend to accept the opinions of others.
CR: 690 (7 wrong, 0 omit, raw score: 58)
M: 800 (0 wrong, 0 omit, raw score: 54)
W: 690 (4 wrong, 0 omit, 9 essay, MC:69)</p>

<p>futurenyustudent, perhaps there is different curves for different versions in the test because they differ slightly in difficulty?</p>

<p>3 wrong on CR is a raw score of 63 (out of 67).</p>

<p>3 wrong on M is a raw score of ~50 (out of 54).</p>

<p>Since CR has more questions, I'd assume that each one counts for less, and thus you can get more wrong than on math but still have the same curved score.</p>

<p>Oh, that's probably it Dancingbear, I think I got all the grid-ins, at least from what I remembered and saw on the board. </p>

<p>I had a raw of 49 for Math so I guess a 51 could be 30 points higher. </p>

<p>Math - 710: Number Right: 50, Number Wrong: 3, Number Omitted: 1, Total Number of Questions: 54, Raw Score: 49</p>

<p>CR - 680: Number Right: 57, Number Wrong: 8, Number Omitted: 2, Total Number of Questions: 67, Raw Score: 55</p>

<p>Writing - 730, Mult Choice 70, 11 Essay: Number Right: 43, Number Wrong: 4, Number Omitted: 0, Total Number of Questions: 47, Multiple-choice Raw Score: 42</p>

<p>CR- 610 (<strong><em>FFFFFFF. I'm *</em></strong>ed about this.) Wrong- 17. Omitted- none.</p>

<p>M- 750 Wrong- 3. Omitted- none.</p>

<p>W- 750 Wrong- 2. Omitted- 1. Essay- 9.</p>

<p>CR-710. Right:61.Wrong:6.Omitted:None.RAW SCORE:60</p>

<p>MATH-720.Right:51.Wrong:2.Omitted:1.RAW SCORE:51</p>

<p>WRITING-650.MULTIPLE CHOICE:67,ESSAy:11.Right 39. Wrong 9. Omitted:1.RAW SCORE:37</p>

<p>CR:700 missed 7
math: 690 missed 5 omitted 1
writing: 800 missed 1 essay: 11</p>

<p>CR 730: 5 wrong; 0 omit
M 790: 1 wrong; 0 omit
W 730: 5 wrong; 0 omit; 11 essay</p>