June 3rd.

<p>First and foremost, just as a precautionary notice…I’m typing this as my family and I are heading to the airport, so please excuse spelling/grammar mistakes…xD. I’m also about to fall asleep (haven’t slept well this past week) so…(: </p>

<p>I really really wasn’t planning on making this thread, let alone telling anyone my decision, because I don’t think a lot of people would mind. I’m probably just seen as some random girl on this forum, but Jane-unnie told me she wouldn’t post her decision until I posted mine (even though I'm 99.9% sure of where she is going), which is uncool because everyone wants to hear hers over mine anyday! </p>

<p>Before I announce my decision, I just…truly wanted to thank everyone on here, the regulars of this forum for helping me…so much! Although I might not have asked a lot of questions, I have learned so much from those who did. Also I’ve met people whom are extremely nice and it is a big relief for myself as a foreigner to find people like this, even on the internet! So thank you to everyone whom I spoke to, offered me advice, PMed me/PMed me back, told a joke, ETC! <3 I in return hope that I was able to answer some questions and perhaps offer my help to those who needed it! </p>

<p>As I’ve told others, I made my decision a couple of weeks ago after talking to several people, including my cousins, my parents, my professors, fellow peers, and even here on CC! In truth, there were more than several reasons why I picked the particular school that I did and I know now (seriously, just a couple of minutes ago) that I won’t look back, even though I could have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity at the other school either way…and really get to meet equally wonderfully people. </p>

<p>Some of you whom I have spoke to personally know I’m sixteen, extremely picky with everything—from food to my 4am gym workouts (haha), and am not very well accustomed with American culture as of yet. Although I was born here in America, I have spent a majority of my life in Asia, and it is very very (VERY) different over there than over here, which is something that I am still becoming accustomed to as time progresses. Of course it doesn’t help that every vacation I get I travel back to the motherland, but I miss it very much and it is difficult not being completely comfortable with my surroundings. </p>

<p>Anyways…(I know, I’m sorry!...xDDD!) After weeks of debating in my head, after all that advice, reading those comments and everything else…I have decided to go to…</p>

<p>DUN DUN DUN. (Sorry, I needed to do that.) </p>

<p>I have decided to go to UC Berkeley. After I was very much considering going to UCLA, a wave of opportunities were presented to me. I was seriously going to SIR to UCLA hours after my best friend did, but I started receiving phone calls, emails…I just grew so confused in my decision. </p>

<p>First, my cousin’s fiancée’s parents have bought them a house in San Francisco. Yes I know, what does that have to do with me? Because her fiancée travels constantly (apparently his father’s business is in Hong Kong) he doesn’t really have a “set” place to stay at. He rather get a nearby suite wherever he lands. He also has a place near his university, he attends Stanford Law. (ironic or whatttt? FYI they met before college, haha.) It is because of this that his parents called my parents and told them about the opportunity for me. My cousin didn’t even tell me because she wasn’t going to accept their gift (the house is HUGE and I’m pretty sure I got lost in it more than 3 times when I went to visit a couple of weeks ago). My parents then scare me by asking me to have a “talk” with them. If you’re Asian, the last thing you want your parents to tell you is that they want to “talk” with you. -.-;;; Long(er) story short…they told me I could stay with my cousin, so long as she agrees to live in the house. Which is great because I won’t have to worry about sharing a bathroom with strangers/OCD germ phobias, etc. and knowing how picky I am (she’s just or if not more than I am) with everything, it will be great! </p>

<p>Second, because my cousin is going to be super busy with her research and traveling next year, I have the grand opportunity of taking over her internship position. The psychologist whom she interns for called me (my cousin didn’t even MENTION this to me) and told me that she would love to have me intern there since she is looking for someone to replace my cousin, someone who can speak and write more than three languages fluently. I had an interview with her two weeks ago, my parents met her, and even my cousin was there to calm me down, and she said I could start in the fall once I get comfortable with my classes and living adjustments. Also because I have work-study, I’ve been recommended to work around the Psychology department! I was going to try to get a job for Admissions like my cousin but I wouldn’t get enough hours and probably be stuck stapling papers…): </p>

<p>Third, my parents feel so much better about this. Granted my best friend is attending UCLA (I cried…and probably will cry again when she leaves Korea to go to UCLA for TSP!) and her parents and my parents get along so well, but it’s just not the same. My mother would always lie to me and say I could pick wherever I wanted to go but I knew that deep down inside she really wanted me to be where someone could look after me, whom she trusts. My cousin has reassured both of my parents that they may come up to visit as many times as they want, my mother would probably LIVE with us, but since it’s her fiancée’s too…it would be uncomfortable! Not to mention he’s not even Korean, xD! I know this point may not be understandable to some of you, but as I have said, as someone who has grown up/been raised in Korea/Japan, this is viewed with much more extremity than here, I realize this. </p>

<p>Lastly, as everyone whom is reading this perhaps knows—my cousin works in Admissions and she is really great friends with her professors, including the department chair(s). Because of a critical family situation back home in Korea, I have been granted, with very special permission, to register for my fall courses. I have met and spoke to the department chair(s), various Psychology professors, advisors, just a whole bunch of people whom had my “so far” transition into Berkeley for the fall very welcoming.</p>

<p>Actually my last point would have to be…I have higher expectations for myself. I was really set on coming to Berkeley for Graduate School, but a bunch of professors, peers, my family, cousin, have told me that I can aim higher. Please don’t get me wrong, Berkeley is great school and I would be blessed to attend it for graduate school but I also want to try and reach for a bit higher! That was perhaps the most compelling reason why I truly wanted to go to UCLA. </p>

<p>If you read all of this…<3! Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! I honestly typed up this post because it will be my last one until perhaps fall or even later, I am leaving my laptops here and probably will be running all over the place back in Korea…so I doubt I will be on CC for a while! I hope you all enjoy your summers and wherever you go, you should be very proud! I really hope we can all get online sometime in the future and catch about how our schooling is going! I feel like this was some sort of journal entry...xD!</p>

<p>Again, thank you! Have a great summer and until next time minna!~ <3</p>

<p>-Yunie. </p>

<p>Oh and Jane-unnie you better post your decision ASAP, even if I do not personally get to see it for a while! <3</p>

<p>Right on time! I'm off to the motherland! I'll miss minna!~ <333333</p>

<p>oh bummer! :( I thought for sure you'd go w/ your bestie.. Enjoy UC Berk & have a wonderful vacation.</p>

<p>Congrats Yunie best of luck at CAL</p>

<p>Yunie야, 어떻게 날 버릴 수 있어!!!</p>

<p>Haha just kidding. I respect your decision. Happy for you!</p>

<p>Congratulations, Yunie!</p>

<p>wow that was a long ass post. can someone summarize that for me and tell me what that whole post has to do with june 3rd?</p>

<p>Damn girl, you work fast! I thought I would annoy here for a little bit before our flight took off...which I don't even see you yet...</p>

<p>I can't believe you told everyone all of that...that is a journal entry...epic! </p>

<p>Nevertheless, congratulations little cousin! <3 I'll try to help you out to the best of my abilities next year as time permits, I knew you would make the best decision! I'm also glad you waited a bit for these opportunities to come your way! </p>

<p>Well, guess I'll be seeing you in a couple of minutes (LOL) but we're throwing you a party once we get to my house in Korea (not like you'll see this anytime soon!) </p>

<p>See you on the plane! HAHA!</p>

<p>I'll take this opportunity to bid my own farewell from the College Confidential Forums. Just like Yunie, I have learned so much and will be forever thankful! I hope that I was able to assist some people as other assisted me a year ago. Good luck in your future careers everyone! Here's wishing for the best for all of you!</p>

<p>Take care!</p>

<p>Congrats, Yunie. I'm bummed you're not gonna be a Bruin...</p>

<p>i am so proud of you for your bravery and what you have accomplished. you are a very talented young lady with intelligence and drive. you will make it anywhere you set your heart and mind to.
i am so glad to have interacted with you and i wish only the best of things for you.
have fun in Korea and with your family!!!! enjoy your summer you have earned an awesome vacation.
Congratulations :)

<p>Cool! Congrats :D</p>

<p>Best of luck to you, Yunie.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for both of your support, sakurax and Yunie.</p>

<p>oh dayummm. </p>

<p>sorry, I was lurker here, but finally decided to sign up! :D </p>

<p>I thought for sure you would go for UCLA! but congrats on your decision and everything!</p>