June 5 SAT expectations/hopes?

<p>About test difficulty/curve, I mean. Personally, I hope the writing comes easy, the math medium, and the CR medium. Should get me a decent shot at a 2300, or 2250 at least. I took the Jan. and May tests, and while May was slightly harder in all 3, I'd say, it was still all-around pretty easy. I know for sure I'm not getting an 800 on Math (2 careless errors), but hoping for an 800 on writing and a decent score for CR (which could go either way.) </p>

<p>June = real prep, though. This time, it better be easy, and hopefully no careless errors will be made, and I stand a shot at an amazing grade. Considering I memorize the vocab :)</p>

<p>Any other anticipations?</p>

<p>I anticipate that I will hopefully improve my CR score. I think many people taking the test will have taken it before, also.</p>

<p>Finishing up with SAT II's:)</p>

<p>Hoping for a 700+ in USH & Physics</p>

<p>I don't know about you guys, but after having taken the AP English Language class all year and having practiced for that exam (which is formatted similarly to the SAT's critical reading part), the SAT's reading seems like a joke.</p>

<p>I hope for a 600 or above on each section. I expect a 550.
I'm not a typical CCer. :P</p>

<p>OoovooO, definitely agree. The AP Lang questions were 10x harder than the SAT questions.</p>

<p>If you make two errors on math, they probably aren't both careless.</p>

<p>How would you guys compare the AP Lit questions to SAT CR questions?
If I do well on AP Lit practice questions, do you think I'll do well on SAT CR? </p>

<p>I'm really focusing on bringing CR up, and also math. I'm a 690 in CR, 680 in Math from the last time I took it. Should Gruber's be significantly helpful in raising in my Math score?</p>

<p>^ Do AP Lang questions, they over-prepare you, which is good.</p>

<p>For some reason i found them easier than i remembered the SAT reading to be, mind you i took SAT as sophomore last year and have yet to take it this year. Hopefully i do better on reading, i scored 1940 in March 09 (590 CR, 720 Math, 640 Writing) Hope to score at least 1400 CR+Math, hopefully 2070+ composite</p>

<p>From everything I've heard, AP Lit/Lang questions are more difficult than those of the SAT, so AP questions prepare you exceptionally well for the SAT CR.</p>

<p>And I'm taking SAT II's in Math I and World History. I just took the AP World exam, so the SAT II should be child's play compared to that. And I've heard the curve is quite generous. So I'll be shooting for 800. For Math I, I'm a bit more worried because I haven't done any trig yet; we're just getting into it in math now (sophomore algebra 2). Besides that, I should be fine, so 800 there too with a bit of luck and logic.</p>

<p>I want a 2400. Who doesn't? </p>

<p>But 2250 or higher would be great lol.</p>

<p>I'm taking SAT IIs in Literature and World History. </p>

<p>-Hoping for a 700+ in Literature, although I've heard it's a lot harder than SAT CR. Does anyone have any comments on comparing the two?<br>
-As for World History, I'm feeling totally unprepared with the majority of the content. I'm not expecting to send this score, but we'll see how it goes. :) </p>

<p>Good luck to everyone! :)</p>

<p>Sophomore here hoping for a 1950+.
I hope that CR is medium, Math - easy, and Writing hard.</p>

<p>I hope math is extremely hard, maybe -1=800, and I hope writing is medium, and critical reading, easy so i don't have to focus on it.</p>

M: 800
W: 800</p>


<p>I tried a practice test in the Blue Book with a -1 = 800, and got a 770 (2 errors). So actually, now that I think of it, hopefully the math IS difficult, with a curve of -1=800. Because I just KNOW I'm going to make at least one stupid error. Can't seem to avoid those at all.
Writing - I still want it to be easy. I most probably already got an 800 on it and I really don't want to focus on it much next time. Writing is already the most relaxing part of the test for me, so I kind of take it like a break, and it would aid in an 800 on math and somewhere north of 700 in CR.</p>

<p>Rough estimates:
710 CR
800 M
700 W - 800 if I don't get it this time (seeing as I won't double check or really focus on it, but will do enough not to do horribly on it - if I don't get an 800 this time, I'll be forced to really do it next time though)
Superscore of 2310. Here's hoping, anyway.</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore and I took a practice Barron's SAT test, under real testing conditions (timed, with no.2 pencils, bubble sheet, etc.) and got 1820. Are the Barron's practice SAT tests easier or harder than the real SATs?</p>

<p>I'm really hoping that my score will get into the 1900s, at least. I'm planning to take a prep course in August to boost my score for November (when I'll be a senior and when I'll be taking the test for a second time). Ugh, I am not looking forward to June 5!</p>

<p>I'm hoping math is extremely hard, CR medium, and W medium.</p>

Math: 800 (I hope to god no stupid mistakes)
CR: 780-800
W: 760-790</p>

<p>Good luck everyone!</p>

<p>RainbowSprinkles, I've done all the Barron's tests and some real SATs, Barron's is def HARDER..no panic :-) btw Barron's doesn't seem like a real test.. some Qs of WR are really weird and CR much harder</p>

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