June 6th SAT: Are you happy with your scores?

Hi everyone! I took my fourth SAT on June 6th and I was hoping it would be my last. I left the test feeling confident that I would be done with testing, but when I got my scores back today I was really disappointed. All of my scores stayed the same, except for a 10 point increase in writing. I expected a 20 point jump in math at the very least, and a possible small jump in reading.

For those who took the June test: how do you feel about your scores? Will you retake in October? Do you think it has anything to do with the elimination of sections 8 and 9?

I improved from 670 to 730 in CR and from 720 to 740 in W.
The only thing I studied for my second SAT was math.
I went down from 670 to 660.
Duly noted, throughout all of my practice tests I didn’t really improve that much, so in the end, I don’t think it was the elimination of the sections. There were actually several questions towards the end that were harder, and I don’t feel any more especially confident in that particular last section than the earlier ones. College Board said that removing the sections didn’t harm the process, and I chose to believe them on this.
I’m disappointed that my math didn’t get above 700, but I’m fairly certain I’m not going to worry about it any more. I’m applying to Stanford, Berkeley, Davis, and SJSU. If a top school like Stanford denies me access because I’m devoting my time to other activities instead of studying for a small increase in my SAT scores, then they don’t deserve me as a student anyways.
So, overall, I’m technically happy (mostly surprised at the noted improvement in my other sections), although I would have liked more math improvement. No retake (I’ll just stress over it again, and I don’t like stress). I don’t think it had to do with the elimination.

Well that may be true, it sounds a lo t bester if its comes from someone other than the applicant :slight_smile:

…was hoping to take it once for all and be done with it… but was extremely disappointed. Going hardcore study mode between now and October!!! gotta get a 2200+…

I am happy about the my increase of my new test scores but I am definitely retaking the SAT in October and in December. I am studying this summer. I am hoping to at least get a 2000+ in one of those test dates.

D’s went up 160 total compared to March. We are very happy. She is not planning to retake it though with the offer of the free retest there is a chance she will decide to do it.

I was scoring 1900-2000 in the the official sat guide by college board. But my result was 1790. This came as a really big shock and I am not able to accept it.

I have no idea what happened but my score WENT DOWN BY 160 POINTS! This was my second time taking it and I was even feeling pretty confident about the results afterwards! Guess I’m settling for the first score…