June SAT math curve

<p>Was the June SAT math curve extremely harsh.
out of 60 i missed 2 and recieved a 740....
this time i missed 3 and omitted one and still recieved 740</p>


<p>anyone miss one? what did u get? how bout 3?</p>

<p>tough luck??? :(</p>

<p>is it really minus two =740 though?</p>

<p>you probably missed one or more quantitative analysis questions where the guessing penalty drops you -1/3 of a question</p>

<p>nah, it's not -2 = 740, i clearly remember it was -2=760, my korean friend got 760m and 760v, he was so ****ed off, b/c he only got 2 wrong on math (that guy has only been in U.S. for like 1 year!!! He doesn't even know what spray means, yet he knows philanthropy, SAT is crap!!!!)</p>

<p>****= p i s s</p>

<p>so should my score be 760??</p>

<p>"so should my score be 760??"</p>

<p>Maybe, but probably not. It depends what kind of questions you missed. If you missed 2 QC (or 1 QC and 1 4-choice), your raw score would be 57 (740). However, someone else could miss 2 gridins or 2 4-choice, and have a raw score of 58 (760).</p>