June SAT - Math Scores Lower?

<p>It seemed pretty difficult. I got 730 but was doing really well on practice.</p>

<p>Mine went down from 770 to 720...
i thought it was tricky but not too hard...i definitely thought I got at least 750</p>

<p>mishtophoid: I want to have them verify it too....my parents agree that it' very strange that I got 720 because I've never got that low on any practice tests or real tests.</p>

<p>anyways, anyone else thinking of having them hand-check it?</p>

<p>I went from a 600 (Dec) to 690.</p>

<p>math went from 630 to 620</p>

<p>Mine went up from 750 to 770</p>

<p>I miscalculated, I actually went down 110 points. How ridiculous! I got a 560, which I KNOW I couldn't have managed after studying so much and feeling so confident. </p>

<p>My parents agreed that we would get it checked. Good luck, I hope your score goes up if you do get it checked.</p>

<p>How much does it cost to get it checked?</p>

<p>Mine stayed the same from December to June- 590. Really devestated, I put a lot of hard work into studying. I thought the math was hard, too. It probably isn't worht it to have mine checked- I guessed on a lot of questions, so the score is probably right. :(</p>

<p>March: 670
June: 750</p>

<p>I thought I got a 790 (1 wrong), but there's really nothing to complain about.</p>

<p>800 (Jan) to 770 (June).</p>

<p>thats weird that people's scores went down. scores are calibrated so the same percentage of people earn the same scores on every test..</p>

<p>I went up from a 720 to a 750, but I thought it was harder this time...</p>

<p>Maybe there was a more lenient curve?</p>

<p>i thought it was okay. I didn't really see the difference. my math scores increased by 60 points to a High 700s. Yeah maybe it is the different tests..?</p>

<p>I thought it was way easier than anything I faced in practice tests</p>

<p>@tetris is that an 800 I sense there ? Congrats for your awesome SAT score.</p>

<p>Haha yes it is, thanks :)</p>

<p>I thought that the math itself was very simplistic, and didn't have any problem with doing it. </p>

<p>I did, however, allow for overconfidence to rear its ugly head and started one math section with triple checking every problem from the getgo (I had 10-15 minutes left AFTER double checking on the previous ones; who could blame me?) but then ended up getting some banal brain freeze on one problem and not finishing the section (left 2-3 blank at the end)</p>

<p>Still managed an 800 though, so I think the curve was very generous on this one.</p>

<p>FYI: It is funny how everyone gets in the 700's but the national average is 510.</p>

<p>the june one was the second sat i took (my first was the january one) and my score went from 680 to 770 so i thought it was ok =]</p>