June SAT - Math Scores Lower?

<p>I've seen a general trend among my friends and even people here on CC whose Math Scores went down on the June SAT. Has anyone else noticed this trend as well? Did you think that the Math Section during the June SAT was harder than previous Tests?</p>


<p>We all agreed that the Math section on the June SAT was more difficult than the average. </p>

<p>However, my score went up from a 680 (in May) to a 720. Since I took the June SAT solely to get my Math score up to 700 or above, I'm content (and never taking the SAT ever again!). But I did notice a general downward trend in CCer Math scores this time.</p>

<p>i agree... i went down from a 720 to a 680</p>

<p>surprising but understandable... i did skip three math questions on this one b/c i ran out of time to do them... that and one question wrong could have sealed the deal and gave me the 680</p>

<p>I felt that the June Math had a couple of tricky ones, compared to March. I had 800 in March, but I was really surprised that I got 800 again.</p>

<p>That's strange. I actually thought it was easier. Different tests? My score went up 80 points (630 to 710) without any prep.</p>

<p>710 to a 700. I definitely thought I had a 730+</p>

<p>I also thought I had at least 730. I got 710...sad</p>

<p>i went downnnn 630 to 610 i suckkkkkk at SAT</p>

<p>I got a 660 and I thought it was hard. = /
Well, this was my first time taking the SAT, so it should go up when I take it in Oct/Nov.</p>

<p>i went down 110 points</p>

<p>I hadn't taken it before June, but my math was 80 points lower than my other lowest section.</p>

<p>I went from a 690 (January) to a 720.</p>

<p>My math went up from a 710 (May) to a 730 (June). I definitely thought that June was harder. I was hoping for a 750+</p>

<p>My son's Math score went from a 770 in March to a 710 in June. He scored a 780 on Math 2 subj test.</p>

<p>+30 points for me. Still not as good as I thought it was.</p>

<p>Hmm. I felt that it was harder than previous practice tests I took but I think the curve was really generous. I know I missed a few but I still managed to get a good score.</p>

<p>Glad to know I'm not the only one.</p>

<p>Mine also went down... a lot. 690 to 650. What's funny is that I studied my ass off for this one too. Oh well, I got my goal of above 2100 so I'm satisfied.</p>

<p>yes!! the march SAT was a breeze!! except for a couple of questions....
however, i was blanking out on more questions from the june SAT }=[
i went down from 650 in march to 610....</p>

<p>I went down 80 points. YEAH. I thought I did extremely well, so I was very surprised. I am thinking of having them hand check it, I really thought I did extremely well.</p>