Juniata - business and career help?

<p>Hi. i'm a rising senior and looking at Juniata as a possible place to apply to. However, I had some questions/minor concerns over stuff and I was hoping people here might have some answers.
1. I'm interested in business and science. Science seems strong, but how are the business and business-related programs at Juniata? How do people who major in these programs do?
2. How does the relative isolated-ness of the place affect internship opportunities for students? Are internships hard to find?
3. Does Juniata have good career advising and job placement? I'd like to find a job straight out of college, so this is especially important to me.
4. How's the financial/merit aid? It seems pretty good, but i'm double-checking. Is their need-based aid good or would merit aid probably be necessary as well?
Thank you!</p>

<p>Hi. I’m the parent of a Juniata student starting in the fall, so I can try to answer (or at least give you my perspective) on a couple of your questions.</p>

<li>Juniata offers majors (they call them “POEs”) in a number of business areas including: Accounting; Business Information Technology; Economics; Entrepreneurship; Finance; Human Resource Management; International Business; Management; Marketing; Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
Also, they now offer a Master’s in Accounting, and there’s a business incubator that houses the Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (<a href=“http://www.jcel.biz/”>http://www.jcel.biz/</a>).</li>

<p>While I wouldn’t say it’s comparable to a full-blown business college at a large university, it certainly seems to have more variety than some other LACs.</p>

<p>As far as outcomes, some of these profiles don’t seem to be updated through the current year but they still give some insight into where alumni land: <a href=“http://www.juniata.edu/departments/abe/outcomes.html”>http://www.juniata.edu/departments/abe/outcomes.html</a> </p>

<li>Internships seem to happen not just in Huntingdon, but in larger nearby cities such as D.C. and Pittsburgh: <a href=“http://www.juniata.edu/departments/abe/internships.html”>http://www.juniata.edu/departments/abe/internships.html</a></li>

<p>A list at the bottom of that page includes…
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Disney World, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, eGlobal, Sports Marketing and Management, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Gallagher & Gallagher, Public Relations, Johnstown Chiefs, Kish Bank, Maher Duessel Certified Public Accountants, MBNA, Mutual Benefit Group, Altoona Curve, QVC, Sheetz, Inc., Young, Oakes, Brown, and Co., Y&S Candies, Intelmarx</p>

<li>In my son’s case, Juniata offered both the best merit aid and the best need-based aid of all the schools he applied to. He visited campus in October, applied early in December (but still RD), demonstrated strong interest and received a decision and a scholarship award very quickly. I found the aid estimator on Juniata’s site to be very accurate.</li>