Juniata Class of 2024

Anyone else apply EA or RD?

EA decisions came out yesterday. Juniata has so many amazing programs and I’m excited that I got accepted! Received an email that the portal had been updated with a decision in late afternoon 2/12.

3.75 UW/4.1 W
31 ACT
2 deep ECs that I’ve done since childhood
Major - comp sci

Got over $30K in merit aid and feeling super grateful - this is one of my top schools I’ve been interested in since applying. They have POEs - Programs of Emphasis - where you can combine things you’re interested in studying or even create your own major. Juniata seems like an extremely supportive school and I’m eager to visit. No fin aid packet yet, but will update when I receive.

Really stoked for this approval!

Congratulations @Orcus2020 ! My child is at Juniata and loving it. It has a genuinely warm and welcoming feel. From every visit from their junior year to now, everyone has been so kind - the students, staff, admin, etc.

Thank you so much, @RookieCollegeMom - I think I’m going to try to go to one of the overnight events in March to see the campus for myself and meet people. My ad com has been truly wonderful - and everything I read sounds amazing. It does seem hard to get to. Do you fly in to Pittsburgh, or are you within driving distance?

@Orcus2020 - we drive to Juniata. It about a 2-1/2 hour drive from Pittsburgh and 1 hr 45 min from Harrisburg.

There is an Amtrak station in the town of Huntingdon. You can take the train from Pittsburgh to Huntington - takes about 3 hours. The schoool may be able to pick you up at the station or may have their shuttle running. Check/plan with them ahead of time.

Pittsburg has the largest ariport, but State College PA (about 30-45 min from Juniata) as a small airport. I don’t know anyting about flying into it.

My child was accepted to higher stat schools and schools with prettier campuses, but I think it was the people and vibe that won her over.

Feel free to ask any questions - if I don’t know the answers, I will ask my child.

Thank you so much, @RookieCollegeMom ! I’m going to the overnight on March 22 and I’m really excited to check out the campus and meet my admissions counselor - he has been fantastic at answering all my questions and really sparking my interest in Juniata. I feel like the people there are really supportive and care about helping students discover who they are and how they can succeed.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the vibe and people that helped your daughter choose Juniata? I’ve been accepted to 11 other schools and waiting to hear from 7 more, but there is something about Juniata that has grabbed hold of me and makes me want to find out more. Allegheny is the other top school for me right now.

What is your daughter majoring in? What are the things that she likes most about Juniata? Is there a lot to do in the area around Huntingdon?

Thanks again for answering and offering to share more. I really appreciate it!

Do your visit and then let me know if you have any more questions - I don’t want to put any expectations in your head :slight_smile:

Thanks @RookieCollegeMom . We are trying to decide if we want to fly next week. The coronavirus stuff is pretty scary, but this will be our only chance to visit before making a decision and the flight is already booked and paid for. If we end up not being able to go, I would definitely want to hear your thoughts!