Junior applying to grad school

Hello friends on college confidential,
I’m a Econ major junior at UMass Amherst. I went to an oversea high school and taught myself during last years of high school and mostly college.
I think an innovative school would fit me best but how do I choose?
Came across that category on us news ranking but what do they rank grad schools by? What’s the criterion to be an innovative school?
I came from a big city and am highly proactive to try out new opportunities.
What schools and programs would you recommend?
Thank you and have a sunny day in your heart!

You first need to figure out why you are attending grad school and what you hope to do with the degree.


First things first:

  • what sort of grad degree do you want: Masters or PhD?

  • in what subject (Economics? Economic Development? Business? Accountancy? etc etc)

  • why do you want it? (ie, what is your goal / how do you plan to use the degree?)

“Innovative” means very different things in different subjects, and most universities are not considered equally “innovative” across all subjects. And, fair warning: the ‘dismal science’ (aka economics) is famously not a very innovative field academically.

Without more info it’s not really possible to give any recommendations.