junior college vs university

<p>What are the cons of going to a community/junior college compared to going straight to a university?</p>

<p>Pros - a lot less expensive (both tuition and free room and board with parents, and free laundry), many comm colleges have agreements w/ state U that give you preferred admission. The annual savings could be 15-40K, which is a ton of money...</p>

<p>Cons: Universities have much broader programs, so you will not be able to do a very specialized major during 1st 2 yrs at a comm college.
example: Engineering and undergrad biz school are 4 and 3 yr programs, cant do that unless comm college has engrg or biz courses. miss out on 1st year bonding experience at U. The friends you nake in your 1st yr dorm are usually ur friends for all 4 yrs and beyond school.</p>

<p>These are just some of the things I can think of. hope this is helpful..</p>

<p>Pros - save money and possibly an emotionally easier transition to college.</p>

<p>Cons - the social experience of a four year residential college experience is powerful and valuable.</p>

<p>Pros: all was aready stated here</p>

<p>Cons: you have to be extremely diligent about staying on the path to transfer to the 4 year college. Most community college students don't ever matriculate into a 4 year college, they drop out. You need to know which 4 year school you want to go to your junior year and work with a guidance counselor at the community college to make sure you can stay on track to getting the requirements done in 2 years.</p>

<p>Here in California, the schools are so impacted, that even community college students can't get the classes they need to meet transfer requirements in 2 years.</p>