Junior Engineering, Science, and Math Program

<p>Anyone from JEMS 2006 on here?</p>

<p>Anyway, I really urge everyone who is a junior or senior to apply for this program. The program attracts students from all over the US (although it's mainly the western half) as well as international students. It's only $550 (the rest is covered by a scholarship). The program is on the University of Idaho - yeah, my first thought before I went was "the middle of nowhere" also. However, it's actually realllyyy fun and it definitely changed me.</p>

<p>Although it says "engineering, math, and science", the program is really only focused on engineering, so make sure you want to do that before you go. Last year's topics were Alternative Energy, Electric Engineering, and CAD. You spend a LOT of time working on various projects (on average, we worked until about 10-11 at night.), so I guess it is challenging. However, we also spent a lot of time playing volleyball and basketball.. playing capture the flags in the woods at night (believe me - it's a whole new game that way).. going to bbqs and just hanging out. </p>

<p>The food was pretty good, the dorms were alright, and the weather was pretty good (it was dry and pretty cool there, especially compared to the east coast). The counselors, teachers, and even the head of the program were awesome. Oh, and you get college credit too. </p>

<p>So.. who's going to apply? (:</p>

<p>wow, I'm interested!
doing research on that program now...</p>

If you have questions, just ask me.</p>

<p>it's only 2 weeks?
doesn't seem to be worth the flight...(I'm international)</p>

<p>iceboxx can you post a link or something because I can't find it on google. thanks</p>

<p>What is the site for it? And when is it/how long is it? Also, is it hard to get into?</p>

go to U Idaho's website and search JEMS.
people on CC love to wait for people to put food in their mouth instead of cooking their own.</p>

<p>bump. tenchar :]</p>

<p>not sure if anyone will see this because this thread is so old... but im considering applying for this year! what's the program like? I live on the east coast... so would commuting be worth it?</p>